Lifestyle – 10 Warning Signs You’re Getting Older

Warning Signs You're Getting Older


Here are 10 warning signs you’re getting older. Maybe you are getting older, maybe you are not. Find out more by reading this post.

Maybe I am getting older. I can’t really tell if I am. But if I am indeed getting older, I will never tell the truth. And who does anyway? It’s only numbers. Let’s all repeat that… It’s only numbers!

To be exact, I am just a few days older today after 28th of October, which was my birthday. But I still think that I can be 10, 16 or 25 years old and nothing still changes. I still get asked to show ID like at Marks and Spencer when my husband and I was getting a bottle of whisky to gift a friend and I was the one paying at the cashier.

Lifestyle – 10 Warning Signs You’re Getting Older

The lady cashier asked me if I have ID and if none, there won’t be whisky for me to whisk away. Gah! I won’t deny that it made me smile BIG time! To think that I can still get away for being 17 years old! Yes! You see! Age is only a number that keeps going plus one every effing year!

Sometimes I wonder, am I really getting older? How would you know if you are, or if you are not? Some say I maybe going through mid life crisis when I started questioning about stuff like this. But it’s not like that! In fact I am way too young to be called an elder. Atleast not yet.

I rounded up 10 warning signs to check with ourselves if we are INDEED getting older. Ready your pen readers and tick the number you think might or is happening to you lately.

Lifestyle – 10 Warning Signs You’re Getting Older

1. One box of hair colourant won’t suffice anymore to hide those pesky grey hairs. Ah! Such a budget buster!

2. A pint of half a lager shandy (It’s true! It’s only a shandy!) and you started feeling numbness of your senses. I can’t feel my bones! I can’t feel my bones!

3. Your wardrobe are full of greys, blacks, whites and taupes. Those bright pinky shirts are folded and pushed at the back of the drawer.

4. Arriving at the party at 6 pm sharp only to leave at 10 pm because you need to walk the dogs.

5. Having a glass of hot milk over a glass of red wine to help you get to sleep.

Lifestyle – 10 Warning Signs You’re Getting Older

6. Listening to Sade or Nina Simone on loop instead of roaring together with Katy Perry.

7. Wearing baggy pyjamas and scrubby shirts on a Friday night at home instead of skinny jeans and cropped top and swaying your hips in the songs of Beyoncé in the club.

8. You started watching documentaries on TV and become super interested on how the penguins survived the winter months. Believe me, it is an amazing story!

9. You flipped the remote and look for the News instead of following Caitlyn Jenners show.

10. You opted sitting and reading books than doing 20 sit ups when you’ve got nothing else to do.

Like I said earlier, getting older is just a plus one to our age. Some of this may have been true to some of us and for some it’s not the same. Practise mind over matter. It’s how we perceive and deal with the things that are happening in our lives helps define our age too, more so of the physical changes we will all have to deal with when the right time comes.

Lifestyle – 10 Warning Signs You’re Getting Older

Imagine this: The other day, I saw an old lady in the park in her bright yellow velcro pants with a pink headband on, jogging, bending and stretching. You maybe thinking she is too old to be doing that! Honestly, I feel ashamed of myself for not being consistent in strengthening my wobbly knees like she does. I think the lady never feels a day old at all and somehow sometimes I feel that I do.

How about you? Do you sometimes feel that you are getting older?

How many numbers did you tick yes?

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