Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married


Here are some new things I learned from 1st year of being married. Find out what I’ve learned and maybe you will relate with me too!

15 months! Yes, that is how long I have been a married woman! It still feels like it happened only yesterday when we said “we do”. They said the first year or 2 of being married is still the honeymoon period. I asked my husband if he believes that and John said, “We’re past beyond that already!” He is kidding now, right? I’m hoping he is!

Personally, I don’t believe that a good foundation of marriage is between two people who have known each other for decades, or their whole lifetime first before they can say they are committed to be together and get married.

Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

No matter how long you’ve known the person, it still does not measure up to saying you know them very well inside and out. Life still surprises us in so many ways and only the future can be a good judge of that.

Just like with my husband John, he still surprises me with new things that I never knew about him while we were still boyfriend and girlfriend. And I am sure as hell that he feels the same way about me too.

Well, to be fair to him, I showed him the list first and let him decide if this is good to go. He said I got it all alright! So without further ado!

Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

1. You’ve come to realise that it is ok when you put on a bit of weight here and there and your partner will still love you and want to be with you.

Being married is a diet crasher. I find it hard to have a no meat diet or do my cabbage soup diet every now and then now that I am married. Obviously, when you see your husband devouring a KFC or McDonalds double cheeseburger meal with apple pie on the side, your hot cabbage soup won’t be as appealing as it was the first time you cooked it now, is it?

I must admit, we both have gained weight after we got married. My mother-in-law has said that our guts shows we’re happy and contented with each other. I know we should look after each other’s health but since getting married, we became a little lax with our fitness routine lately.

It is true what other couples say, you become comfortable with each other and appreciative of your partner’s physical appearance in the long run. It’s only the first year though. Hopefully, we could catch up with our good old healthy habits!

Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

2. You love the comfort and ease your partner does for you even in the most ridiculous way.

This will sound ridiculous. After I got married, I have formed a new sleeping habit.  As soon as my husband gets in the bed, I will ask him to read me a bedtime story. Ha! Don’t laugh.

Bedtime stories are not for babies and kids only! One time he read to me some latest news but I ended up asking him so many questions. He got so upset and even gave me “the tone” and order me to sleep or else!

So obviously I had to pretend I was falling asleep eventhough I was not. Not being able to ask him the question had kept me awake all night whilst he was peacefully snoring on the other side of the bed. So the next time I asked him to read me a story he drew out his “The Jaws Log” book and hallelujah! It worked! I zonk out even before he could finish a sentence or two!

I find that the sound of my hubby’s voice is very soothing that it cradles me to sleep. Find such great comfort and ease of mind whenever he reads me stories and when I know he is in bed beside me sleeping. What is that you just said? I am too clingey? Who? Me? Of course, I am not!

Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

3. If it doesn’t work for you together then do the opposite.

We believe that doing things together is quality time together. Actually one of our wedding readings is from Winnie the Pooh and it says, “Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh. There’s always Pooh and me!” And its true for us. But there are things that we find we’re not good doing together.

Like we have learned we cannot do cooking meal together. John is very methodical. He follow instructions up to the last bit! If it doesn’t say in the packet, then whatever I suggest is a no no! I on the otherhand is more flexible. I like adding a bit more or use a different ingredient if we don’t have it in the cabinet.

We find that we annoyed each other all the time when things go a little rough in the kitchen. So we decided to compromise our routine. Whenever he wants to do the cooking, I will do the washing or vice versa.

But most of the time, I just let him do the cooking as John is a “fussy eater” and leaving him in the kitchen means less stress for me. “Happy wife, happy husband.” And so my husband will always say.

Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

4. Your partner becomes your best bestfriend and number 1 enemy too!

I found out that we need to get a queen size duvet for both of us. My husband is a quilt hugger! I am ALWAYS waking up in the early mornings all cold and achy bones because my husband has taken up all the covers for himself.

Of course I am not happy with that but I understand, as he doesn’t know what he was doing while he is sleeping. We could have gotten two separate duvets but it won’t make sense for a married couple.

I love it when I can feel his body warmth beside me and hear him snore. I always tell him he took the covers off me again, but it doesn’t make me hate him or have a fight with him. It’s silly to do that.

Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

5. Learn to enjoy the little and odd things too that is making your partner happy.

When I married John, I got married to Star Wars too! John and Star Wars are like twins. You can’t have one without the other one. So better enjoy Star Wars too as he in return let me watch my horror films and he enjoys it. A little tit for tat!

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

My husband is not a flower gifting person even when it is my birthday, on christmas and other occassions. I’ve learned to not expect any flower gift from him because I know I won’t get one. But if he comes home and hand me a bouquet of flowers, I get so happy, and I know I am in for a special treatment.

7. I am growing as a mature adult.

When we were still boyfriend and girlfriend, whenever we have misunderstanding, I would always hide out to my place, turned quiet and give him silent treatment until such time I am ready to talk.

Now that were married, I became more submissive. I’ve learned to talk it through with him right there and then and then learn to let it go. It’s not as if I have my own place to hide myself anymore, is it?

Lifestyle – 10 Things I Learned From 1st Year of Being Married

8. Laugh at each other’s sense of humor.

My husband loves annoying me and teasing me all the time. John is a kid at heart. He loves to play around, thus he finds it so funny when he sees me getting annoyed with his jokes. What I don’t get is whenever I do the same to him, he never likes it. Why is that?

9. Becoming more grateful each day.

Living alone is lonely, and it’s true. Some people enjoy their own company and I was like that before. But it changes as soon as you have a partner in your life and you get to live your life together with the person.

Being married makes life more beautiful and you get to appreciate it with the person you married to in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

10. Becoming more and more trusting to each other.

We go over our finances together and helped each other deal with all our bills and other financial things. We trust each other with our bank cards, pins and purchases.

People relationships is the hardest to master. I’m sure you can agree with me to that. All we do is try our best and hardest to work it out and enjoy being married every day.

If you are married, what are things you have learned from your partner in your first year of being together?

If you are single, what are you most afraid of about getting married?

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