Beauty – Top 5 Beauty Products To Leave Behind This Fall

5 Beauty Products to Leave Behind this Fall


Check out the top 5 beauty products to leave behind this fall. Update your makeup bag now with this season makeup products must-not-have list.

Is “leave behind” a little too strong?

With fall around the corner (September 22 to be exact), the internet is aglow with fall inspiration: loose braids, mug cozies, tassels, brown “Kylie” lipstick, just to name a few. The beauty bees are stocking up. The food bloggers are baking muffins in preparation for fall features. The fashionistas are investing in duster coats. And a few of us (hopefully not just me) are clinging to our dewy, bronzy looks of the summer and crying over our Becca Champagne Collection palette, hoping it will make the transfer with us to fall. Can it?

The real question is, should it?

Beauty – 5 Beauty Products To Leave Behind This Fall

Product #5 to Leave Behind: Baked Bronzer

During the switch from jean cutoffs to jeggings, don’t bring your baked bronzer. I’m talking about that shimmery, glowy bronzer that sends your cheek bones to the Caribbean every time you sweep it on. Matte has been staking an early claim on fall, and your baked bronzer needs to get out of its way. Tuck that dewy, sparkly bronzer aside for next summer’s dream and break out the pillowy, matte bronzer that will make your angles pop with realistic shading.

Product #4 to Leave Behind: Bright Pink Lipstick

Maybe this one isn’t a surprise, but it’s an important one that can’t be left unmentioned. Pink tends to take a more conservative shade in the fall (in preparation for turning bright red in the winter). Pinks that have a blush, nude, pearl, or even mauve tone are just fine. But anything with a name like “Miss Pink Margarita” or “Fuchsia Fusion Fever” is probably not a good idea.

Product #3 to Leave Behind: Anything Orange

I know the tree leaves around us (well, some of us) will be turning orange. But nothing on the face should match that! Any orange products should be replaced with something less intense: terra cotta, amber, chestnut, and of course bronze! Leave those bright, gorgeous hues to the trees and take on an understated chic look this fall.

Beauty – 5 Beauty Products To Leave Behind This Fall

Product #2 to Leave Behind: Glitter

Did I just say that? I can’t believe it! Glitter is my favorite color by far. It’s my favorite beauty thing. Glitter is life. But those “loose tears” from Coachella are a whisp of summer indulgence. Fall is a tricky season for glitter because it occurs between the “summer wedding sparkle” season and the “winter holiday sparkle” season. It is safest to turn glitter into shimmer when fall hits. A foily rose gold or glowy almond eye shadow are your best friends when you start to miss glitter this fall.

Product #1 to Leave Behind: Colored Liquid Eye liner

This is perhaps the summeriest of summer beauty products. Unless you weren’t brave enough to rock it this summer. (Oh…hi, me). In which case, maybe it isn’t the epitome of summer for you. But it screams summer to everyone around, and will throw off any fall look. Especially Turquoise and Fuchsia. Those are the two biggest no-no eye liner shades in the fall. Don’t feel too sad though, in just a few months, around late November, we get to bust out that gold eye liner. All I can say is, look out world!

And there you have it. Those are 5 products that just won’t make it back into my fall beauty drawer from the beach bag they arrived in. Maybe there are more products you would leave behind. Maybe some of those mentioned above are ones you would actually keep. What would you leave behind this fall?

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