Skincare – 7th Heaven Face Mask Pick Me Up Beauty Boost

7th heaven face mask beauty review


 Trying on 7th Heaven Face Mask charcoal and manuka honey at home for the first time. Why do you need charcoal and manuka honey in your face mask?

I’m doing a lot of field works lately during weekends. Being outside most of the times, I noticed that my skin is changing. It look dehydrated, sun-burnt, dry and tired. And to make matters worst, I am mending a bad hay fever, too.

Doing field works, being exposed on the sun, dust and dirt plus an inconsolable hay fever, has left my skin feeling beaten. Honestly, I needed some cheering up.

Doing at-home pampering is my own time for myself, and it cheers me up after. One of the pick me up thing I do is putting a face mask. I use 7th Heaven face masks for a long time. When ever I am at grocery, I always get one and save them for emergencies like today.

Today, I try their Charcoal mask and then follow-up with their Manuka Honey peel-off face mask. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about how charcoal and manuka honey is good to your skin.

Skincare – 7th Heaven Face Mask Pick Me Up Beauty Boost

The charcoal is for deep cleansing the pores which I really need now. My face is exposed to dirt and dust and a lot of things since I am outside. It needs a proper overhaul cleaning. Rinsing it off is easy. I thought it is going to turn up black mask on my face but no. It is like a grey-ish mask.

The manuka honey is for bringing back moisture and plumpness to the skin. Being exposed to the sun and other things, the skin on my face is looking dry, dull, tired and sun-burnt. The manuka honey is like juice, it boost up moisture and healthy glow to my thirsty skin. There is a feeling of satisfaction once the peel-off mask dries up, and you start peeling them off of your face.

It is absolutely a 7th heaven kinda day for me. It is  one of my quick pick me up beauty boost emergencies for only a £1.00 a sachet.

I try to do at-home beauty pampering once a week on weekends, together with my other beauty routines. It is important that we all have our own time to ourselves and do the things we love the most.

Which 7th Heaven face mask is your favorite?

7th heaven face mask beauty sample

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