Beauty – Why You Should Apply Concealer Before Foundation?

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Check out today’s guest blogger Sandy Taylor’s beauty advice on whether it is better to apply concealer before foundation or after.

Why Applying Concealer First Can Perfect Your Makeup Look?

How many times have you wondered, “Does concealer go before or after foundation?” It’s an age-old question that so many women get wrong. Intended to offset darkness under eyes, cover up blemishes or scarring and highlight features, concealer can do wonders for your face- if applied correctly.

Applying concealer first will give your foundation a base to build on, helping to keep products in place and last all day long. This way, the areas of your face that don’t need as much coverage will only need a light layer of foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer, and the areas that need more coverage will have both layers of makeup without looking heavy or overdone.

In addition to helping keep the rest of your makeup in place, it is necessary to apply concealer first to prevent streaking, staining, and any other blending disasters. This step is essential, since it is extremely difficult to blend cream products on top of matte or powder foundation. Applying concealer before foundation also keeps your makeup from looking cake-y, or resulting in the dreaded under eye crease.

Another benefit to the concealer-first method is that it allows you to wear less foundation, because who wants a full-face of makeup every day? For a simple, easy look, apply concealer as needed, then blend with a small amount of foundation or tinted moisturizer only where it is necessary. For an even more natural look, skip the foundation altogether.

Apply concealer before foundation or after? What should come first.


How To Apply Concealers Properly

Concealer should be used sparingly when using to cover spots on the face. Small amounts on a blemish, under the eyes and on the forehead can transform your face, but too much can over-accentuate your breakout or make your dark circles look worse. Remember, a light hand can go a long way, and you can always add more if needed.

The best way to apply your concealer is using the pat-and-blend method. To ensure your product stays put and doesn’t get wiped away. Avoid using a makeup brush, since it can blend out the product too much. Instead, use your ring finger or a makeup sponge to lightly dab the concealer in place.

One of the biggest issues women have with concealer is using the wrong shades. The simplest method is to choose a color closest to your foundation for covering blemishes. Then go one to two shades lighter for brightening under the eyes. You may also try using a color-correcting shade like light green underneath your foundation to counteract redness.

Once your concealer is patted in, lightly dab on your foundation where it is needed. Be sure to blend out the edges of the concealer without wiping it away completely. And set the face with a light dusting of loose or compact powder. Finish off the look with your regular makeup routine and flaunt your flawless face all day long!

Do you apply concealer before foundation or foundation then concealer? Why?

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Guest Blogger profile:
Sandy Taylor is makeup artist with 10 years of experience under her belt. She currently works and lives in Vancouver BC, Canada. Over the years, she has worked in many different countries including the United States, Japan, India and Australia. She loves teaching and writing about beauty related topics. In her spare time, she works on her blog, Foundation Fairy. Her blog is a place where she shares her experiences as a makeup artist and provides readers with her professional makeup tips.

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