Beauty – 5 Argan Oil Benefits You Need To Know For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Argan oil benefits to getting a beautiful skin and hair


Learn more about Argan oil benefits and why everyone loves using it. Read Beth’s  5 ways Argan oil benefits to beautiful skin and hair post that you need to know now.

You may have used many different oils for your hair and skin in the past. They may have helped your skin sometimes but with zero impact to your hair or vice versa. However, if you are looking for a more magical potion that will benefit to helping you grow your hair and for making your skin silky smooth, then your quest is finally over!

Did you know that Argan oil is called the liquid gold for its endless benefits and amazing results? Yes, this oil is as famous as much as any expensive cosmetic products out there, not to mention that it is extracted from a Moroccan tree.

You will always find a bottle of this oil as part of the vanity box of many renowned celebrities. It is the best elixir according to almost everyone who has used it.

Now, it’s about time you learn what it really does to your skin and hair, and why it is so damn hyped all over the world. Here a few amazing benefits of this oil that may convince you to buy it as soon as you’re done with the last line. So keep your handbag and shoes ready. *Wink wink*

Beauty – 5 Argan Oil Benefits You Need To Know For Beautiful Skin And Hair


1. Treats The Ailments Of Skin

First of all, Argan oil consist of triterpenoids that has the ability to stop develop lumps, cut the inflammation, revamp the skin cells, and fade away all sorts of scars.

Furthermore, this oil also has fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that may also help the mild acne to vanish with no scars left behind.

2. Revamps the Aging Skin

While using Argan oil as a moisturizer, you might be unaware of the fact that it not only helps your skin to stay hydrated, but the antioxidants present in it help the skin to restore its glow and elasticity just like the old days.

3. Best for Hair Repair

Our hair is as sensitive and demanding as a plant. If you do not give what it wants, it will wither away in no time! A little drops of Argan oil will have a great impact on damaged hair and split ends.

Because this oil improves moisture and elasticity of the hair for long-term, which eventually leads to a healthier hair growth. It works like a charm on all types of hair. Many famous hairdressers use Argan oil as a styling agent too because it is non-greasy and gives the perfect shine to hair without making them looking oily.

Beauty – 5 Argan Oil Benefits You Need To Know For Beautiful Skin And Hair

4. Prevents Stretch Marks

Argan oil is not only capable of healing the aging skin and acne. This miraculous oil also helps prevent stretch marks that you get after pregnancy and or from rapid change in weight, by tightening and softening the skin. Apply lukewarm oil to the affected areas after every shower and your stretch marks will vanish faster than you think.

5. Gives Strength to Brittle Nails

Last but not the least, Argan oil is best for nails that easily break and have lost their shine. All you need to do is massage your nails with this magical oil gently. Wait until the oil sets in and warm onto your nails. It will become an essential part of your mani-pedi kit in no time.

Author Bio:

This post is written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge. Check out the three best oils that will improve your hair growth and bring their lost shine back.

Given these points above, how else do you use this oil for?

Which beauty oils do you use in your beauty routine and swear by? Tells us more about it by leaving a comment below.


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