Beauty Review – AVON Glimmerstick Waterproof Eye Liner

AVON Glimmerstick Waterproof Eye Liner Review


Here’s today’s review of AVON Glimmerstick Waterproof Eye Liner in blackest black. Find out if this up to snuff or a big fail?

Beauty Review – AVON Glimmerstick Waterproof Eye Liner

I find that the tip of the eyeliner is a bit hard and dry the first time I try to put it on. So I had to rub it with my fingers to soften the tip. It doesn’t sweep on smoothly on my eyelid. I find that it was a bit chalky after application as I was rubbing it on my eyelid rather than gliding it on swiftly, and then it broke halfway. I didn’t like that the tip isn’t as pointy like other eyeliner.

The color is a black shade not gray-ish and not coal-ish, it is black which is true to its form.

It says that it is a waterproof eyeliner, (is that why it was a bit chalky and dry to sweep on eyelids?). So I did another swatch on my arm. Dropped a bit of water on it, let it soaked for a while before tapping the water out. Verdict: Eye liner still remains intact. No washed out.

Beauty Review – AVON Glimmerstick Waterproof Eye Liner

Then I gently rub the eyeliner with my finger to see if it will smudge or break into fine pieces like other eyeliner does. Verdict: No it didn’t. It stayed as it is!

I tested its longevity so I leave it on my arm all day to see what it would be like after. Note: that areas surrounding my eyes are more moist compared to the skin on my arm.

Verdict: Yes it amazingly stayed the same!

This is priced originally at £6.00 and is now £3.00

Visit: to see other shades to choose.

In general, having said about some issues I have encountered the first time, I am still impressed with this eyeliner and for the price of £3.00, it is definitely worth every penny.

I am eyeing on 2 other shades: the “Black Brown” and “Majestic Plum” and then I saw my husband rolling his eyes on me, oh dear me. Lol!

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