Beauty – My Current Barry M Nail Paint Shades Favorites

Barry M Nail paint shades favorites


Here are my favorite Barry M Nail paint shades at the moment. Included a nail swatch of each shades for your reference. Which one is your favorite?

When it comes to drugstore nail paint, I always trust and recommend Barry M because: 1. They have a great and solid formulation 2. All their color shades are very desirable 3. Bottle packaging itself speaks of quality – chic and sassy! 4. Super affordable buy for its superb quality 5. Like how they name their shades, it is fetching!

I love collecting nail paints ever since I enjoyed giving myself a mani-pedi at home. I’ve also have other brands in my collection but I find myself reaching most for Barry M. I don’t know about you, but personally, I feel a unique vibe in the zone every time Barry M releases a new nail paint range.

Beauty – My Current Barry M Nail Paint Shades Favorites

1. Barry M Coconut Infusion – Laguna
I mentioned this in my earlier beauty wishlist and I am so excited to get one! It is such a pretty powder blue shade and very wearable. Formulation is great as it claimed to keep nails moisturise because of its coconut oil blend.

2. Barry M Molten Metal – Copper Mine
I am not really a fan of any metal nail shades like this or those pearlescent ranges. I feel that the after application color doesn’t suits me at all. That’s why it took me a little while to decide which one to get. This color has a red-orange, bronze undertone. I think it’s quite edgy and different to the usual nail paints I buy. After wearing it for sometime, I finally get the feel of it and I think I quite like it.

3. Barry M Lolly Gloss – Purple Pop
I thought this is a dark solid purple shade but it’s not. The formulation is a like a thin-film and sheer purple. A good 2-3 coats is necessary if you must it darker. The consistency is slightly liquid. After a few days of wearing it, I’ve decided I really like it! It is very pretty on nails and doable for everyday wear.

Beauty – My Current Barry M Nail Paint Shades Favorites

4. Barry M Matte – Vanilla
Such a expensive and delicious matte vanilla shade perfect to wear any time of the season wear.

5. Barry M Nail Paint Gloss – Raspberry
A dashing red raspberry color with a sleek of gloss. Very apt for festive season and party wear.

6. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry – Pit Stop
This is a white, porcelain-powder shade which is very immaculate.

7. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine – Fondant
It is a pretty pastel pink-light lavender shade combination which is super girly and lovely.

8. Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing – The Way You Make Me Teal
Such an exquisite bright colour without looking too shocking in the eyes.

My next target plan is to get one of their Boots limited range – Golden Sands. Any thoughts about this? Check other Barry M nail paint shades here.

Which Barry M nail paint shades is your favorite of all time?

Barry M Nail paint shades favorites swatch

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