Beauty – Sunday Night With Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint Pit Stop

Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint Pit Stop Shade


Spending my Sunday night painting my nails Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint Pit Stop Shade. Find out other drugstore nail products I love using too.

The very first time I’ve been to a nail salon was when I was about to get married. Yes, I am a “mani-pedi” salon virgin.

I don’t know about you but I find nail salons a bit intimidating and high maintenance. But I want to give myself some special treatment, because I was getting married then. So I decided to have one, go in and get nailed!

It was a truly nice, fun and memorable first experience for me. The lady nail technician was super friendly, the feet sauna was overly ticklish but relaxing and super nice experience. I like it! My feet felt ten years younger after all the scrubbing and scraping! *hee hee

Beauty – Sunday Night With Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint Pit Stop

I got overwhelmed with a humongous number of colors surrounding me (yawn!) and picking only one to wear wasn’t easy. That’s why I picked two, a baby pink-lavender color on my hands and a shiny, bright red on my feet! Life is tough eh? And did I say, going to the nail salon is expensive? I paid £50 plus tips. Imagine if I was to do this twice a month. (I mean going to the salon and not getting married okay. *wide smile)

That’s why I love giving myself the “personal touch”. It took me only 10 minutes to do my nails and saved me a couple of quids too!

Beauty – Sunday Night With Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint Pit Stop

Here’s what I am wearing today:

This is my second purchase already of this nail color. I love it as it can be paired with any color attire, it looks very classy and it quickly dries on my nails. I had to brush it on as quickly as possible (literally!) as it dries in no time.

Products I used:

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover £6.45 (24.2 ml)

I bought this through the recommendation of Estee Lalonde in her youtube video and I honestly never turned my back anymore. I love that it gives my nails some T.L.C and doing manicure and pedicure super quick and easy.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil £6.95 (13.3ml)

I have days when I experience drying of the cuticles and this one has always saved the day for me. It is non-greasy and it is comfortable to have on. It absorbed on my cuticles perfectly giving it the moisture it needed in just one application.

Miss Sporty Nail Expert Base and Top Coat

It is what is! It does the job plus it is affordable. Perfect!

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint – Pit Stop £3.99 (10ml)

Waiting for my nail paint to dry is never my thing. I used to apply Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat to ease the waiting game.

But not anymore as I always reach for quick dry nail paints now whenever I am nail paint shopping. Personally, I don’t have patience in waiting for my nail paint to dry and I always think I have other things to do while waiting. (OCD!)

Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint Pit Stop on nails

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