Beauty Review – 5 Bath And Body Care Secrets Of Dirty Works

Bath And Body Care From Dirty Works Beauty Review


I revel in a good bath and body care products that makes at-home pampering a pleasurable time to have!

I love bath and body care that deeply moisturise, cleanse the skin, absolutely smells good and cost to nothing. One day when my husband and I are doing our grocery shopping, I caught sight of these new bath and body products from “Dirty Works”.

Apparently, these are exclusive only at Sainsbury’s. It’s vintage theme packaging is a cutie-pie and hard to miss! It was on half price off at that time so I just had to get it.

I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory and I believe they are made genius! I wonder if “Dirty Works” will rise up to the level of S&G or not.

Beauty Review – 5 Bath And Body Care Secrets Of Dirty Works

1. Glow Girl Buttery Salt Scrub

The scrub granules are rougher and more abrasive when applied which suited best on hard-core and flaky skin and it washes off quickly in the shower whilst the S&G “Scrub Of Your Life” has softer milled scrub particles that gently exfoliates the skin and leaves a silky soft feel on the skin even after rinsing.

2. Cremé De La Cremé Creamy Body Wash

It has a very light creamy consistency and tingly, perfume scent that is refreshing to smell and not overwhelming. It lather on gently on skin and washes off quickly just like the S&G “Clean On Me” which I super-duper love! Honestly I equally love these two!

3. Shea You Care Body Butter

Very light weight and seeped in to the skin quickly. It’s got it’s trademark perfumy scent but very faint to smell. The S&G “Righteous Butter” is a little more creamier feel on the skin, has a stimulating scent of freshness and the moisturising effect is long-lasting.

4. Best Foot Forward Foot Butter

It’s got like a chalky, mint scent which is not too smelly nor “in your face” but you know the scent is there. It feels weightless on the feet and dries up in no time. Just like S&G “Heel Genius” though the moisturising effect is more saturated.

5. You Soft Touch Hand Cream

The consistency is light and I find that the moisturising effect doesn’t stay longer on my hands so I had to re-apply quite a few times as I can feel dryness on my hands instantly. The strong perfume scent is quite compelling compared to S&G “Hand Food” subtle and refreshing scent plus it is super moisturizing on hands.

The verdict:

For me, Soap and Glory bath and body care products is still on top of my list. Having said that, Dirty Works does the works too and a great alternative that is definitely worth a try.

Which bath and body care products are you loving at the moment?

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