Beauty Review – Bath and Body Works Hand Gel Anti-Bacterial

Bath and Body Works Hand Gel Review


Here’s today’s review of the Bath and Body Works Hand Gel Anti-Bacterial. Find out if this is worth to try and your money.

Beauty Review – Bath and Body Works Hand Gel Anti-Bacterial

I have a confession to make here: I’ve never liked any hand gel or hand sanitizer at all. But ladies hear ye! Hear ye!

I’ve never liked it because they are too drying on my skin. I prefer washing my hands then applying on a good moisturizing lotion. Hand gels aren’t really my thing. I got these two cutie hand gels though from my colleague.

They are a pocketbac sized hand gels which I think is awesome. It has a slingbag casing which is really handy. Just sling it in your bag, car, toilet, kitchen, or sling it everywhere.

These two hand gels smells divine! I love that the scent stays on hands for a long time. I also wondered if this really sanitizing my hands at all because the scent is overpowering my judgement over the real purpose of the product.

For information, it says on the bottle that it has 68% antiseptic alcohol and use to decrease bacteria on hands.

I recommend this to everyone who loves collecting hand gels. My husband loves these two babies. I actually gave these two to him and borrowed again for the purpose of this blog.

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, and so they say. If you have experienced dryness of skin after using hand gels like I have, washing hands then applying lotion is the solution.

Have you tried the Bath and Body Works Hand Gel? Which one is your favourite?

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