Life Update – Battling Hay Fever and Summer Drama

battling hay fever


The only thing I don’t like about summer and spring is me battling hay fever. I am sharing with you how hay fever affects me and how I treat it.

I used to love summer time. Loved ice creams, lollies, sandals, summer dresses and stroll in the park. But not anymore. I battle with hay fever and it sucks!

I know hay fever has hit me as soon as I start sneezing and my eyes get itchy. It’s the time of the month when I need to see my GP again, which I never like doing anyway.

Booking an appointment and requesting for repeat prescription in my local GP is a nightmare. I prefer getting an ‘over the counter’ medicines. It is less hassle. I’ve tried many cheap and also expensive hay fever medicines, but unfortunately my hay fever is treated with prescribed drugs only.

Life Update – Battling Hay Fever and Summer Drama

I grew up in Asia and summer definitely flows in my blood. In the Philippines, we only have two season: summer and rainy days. You may think, growing up in Asia, my immune system is adept to heat, humidity and pollen? Nope! I don’t remember having to deal with pollen before until now.

When my hay fever starts, my eyes look like a chinese Powerpuff girls eyes – swollen and chinky. I have a Rudolph the red nose reindeer nose, and I have an elephant skin – very dry!

I need to shower 2-3 times a day to wash off dust and pollen. But my funny aching bones hates it when I wash more than regularly. I get aches and pains the next day. My makeup routine is also taken a back seat lately because I get iritation using any cosmetics.

Life Update – Battling Hay Fever and Summer Drama

A friend of my husband said that I should take 1 tablespoon of local honey to get my immune system adapted to the pollen. I’ve tried that, but it does not work on me either. Every year, my hay fever is just getting worse.

I am jealous of those who can stay outside during summer without the hustle and bustle of hay fever. I’d like to be able to walk in the park again, enjoy the warmth of summer and smell those pretty flowers that blooms during spring and summer time. Sadly, I don’t enjoy summer now. Who doesn’t like summer, eh? Well… Me!

I am half wishing that it is winter already. The weather in the UK is crazy. One minute it is so hot and humid, the next it will rain with some thunder. Then at night-time the wind gets very cold. When the weather plays up, my hay fever plays up, too!

Do you suffer from hay fever?

What do you do to fight and overcome it?

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