Lifestyle – How To Beat Homesickness And Enjoy The Life Abroad

Beat homesickness when you are living abroad - how to


People have different ways on how to beat homesickness. Here are some of my personal tips on how to beat homesickness when you live abroad especially this holiday season.

For most of you who didn’t know, I am from the Philippines, born and raised. But now, I live in the UK for 10 years already. To give a little more short story about me, my elder brother was living here in the UK before I got here. So you would reckon I am not that alone then, right?

No. He was living with his friends in London and I was renting a place outside London for nearly 2 years. Then he moved in with his girlfriend and I moved also to London and lived with them for a while before I decided to lease somewhere else apart from my brother.

Later on, my brother went back to the Philippines to manage their Manila office counterpart. But as for me, I decided to stay and the rest is history.

Getting to the UK was my first time away with family and friends. I don’t mean just “away”. I meant I was a million miles away from them. My adjustment period of living abroad was really difficult for me, especially the first Christmas, the first New Year, and the first birthday, alone. It wasn’t easy and there were times when I felt I was alienated and different, because I am from a different race.

Lifestyle – How To Beat Homesickness And Enjoy The Life Abroad

I am not going to lie, I love the freedom I got from going abroad. The idea of setting forth to live a new life in a new land thrilled me so much. And I felt so grown up and mature after doing it.

I recall during the early days of my UK life, there were more tears than cherishing the happy days and freedom. Nothing beats homesickness when it strikes you.

But then, I know nothing last forever! It was only a phase in life, I needed to go through. Just like everyone else who is surviving in life this same way, you must remember that you will also survive this.

I can confidently say that I made it through the rain. Of course, I still feel homesick living here without the people I love, but I have come through that darkest period of my life, and I can handle myself a lot better now. Look, I am still standing, aren’t I? So could you!

Lifestyle – How To Beat Homesickness And Enjoy The Life Abroad

1. Make friends with people alike.

Now, I don’t mean you should filter everyone you run into before you decide to make friends with them. Of course, make as many friends as you can. The more the merrier, right?

What I mean about making friends with people alike is, make friends with people you know who have their family and friends living abroad as well.

I remember my first Christmas away from home. I made friends with a bunch of people who live locally. All of them has their family and friends living locally too. It’s kinda expected anyway that they will spend their holidays with them instead of with you.

Thus the next Christmas, I said to myself, I will make friends with people like me who live alone and whose family are living abroad too. And it worked! The next Christmas, we were all planning our Christmas vacation together.

2. Go out and make adventures.

My friend Tang is from Thailand. He moved to the UK to study and work. Like me, he left his family back home and have lived in the UK for years.

Tang is a good person and an active adventurer. One Christmas time, he booked himself a bread and breakfast house in Edinburgh. It is one place in the UK that Tang has never been to.

He then went alone and explore the beautiful city of Edinburgh! If you love travelling, why not try to go to a place you’ve never been to? He said, if he’s managed to move and live in the UK alone, he will manage to travel to places and seek adventure alone, too!

Challenge yourself and do something you’ve never done before like travelling alone. It’s the best time to nourish your adventurous heart during the holiday season.

Lifestyle – How To Beat Homesickness And Enjoy The Life Abroad

3. Get connected to the other side of the world using apps like Skype, Facetime, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.

We are very lucky now that we all have these free apps to use. Different in the olden days, when people communicate through telegrams. How do you like them apples, eh?

Utilizing these apps has become my best friend in the UK. Philippines is 8 hours advance to the UK time during winter. So I set my alarm and get online so I can celebrate Christmas and New Year time with my family back home.

I believe these are one of the best amazing apps ever been built there. It connects you with people who lives on the other side of the globe. When I use these apps, I feel like I am with the people I love in real-time. I know it’s not the same, but it is the next best thing to nothing. It beats homesickness while I am abroad.

4. Busy yourself by doing the things you’ve intended to do when you didn’t have time to do.

Make use of the time to do your favorite pursuits. Be it photography, knitting, collecting stamps or blogging, then do it. Sorting out your things is another way you can spend your vacation time.

Put aside in a bag everything that you don’t need or wear anymore and drop it to the charity the next working day. You will make other people happy and you will make yourself happy too by creating more room for many more things to come in the New Year. A busy mind is never alone.

Lifestyle – How To Beat Homesickness And Enjoy The Life Abroad

Remember, it’s okay to feel lonely and alone. It’s all right to feel homesick. We’re humans! We are bound to feel anything and then learn a lesson from it, and then move along.

My advice is to not dwell on being homesick for a long time. Have a courageous heart and mind. We need to motivate ourselves on how we will manage our lives and how to beat homesickness when it hits us.

We don’t get this long holidays all the time. Then let’s make sure we do something worthwhile and enjoy the holidays!

How do you deal with your emotion when you are feeling homesick abroad?


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