Beauty – Following A Beauty Blogger Tag Post For Fun

beauty blogger tag post to follow


This is a beauty blogger tag post about your simple beauty tips and tricks by answering a few questions. Read and then do a follow.

Reading the beauty blogger tag post from theglossylifeblog last night inspires me to write this post. Her take in this tag post is super entertaining and educational. It is also an open invitation for everyone out there. Hence I decided to do a follow-up and share with you a few of my beauty secrets and regime, too!

Beauty – Following A Beauty Blogger Tag Post For Fun

1. What is your favorite brand of makeup?

I always shop for drugstore makeups. And I have to say Seventeen has impressed me in so many ways. I am now obsessed with their Brow’s That Brow Kit. I love this one! Have you read it yet? It’s a real treasure! I could bang on about how I am loving this Seventeen but I won’t get tired of saying it. Perhaps see it for yourself?!

2. How do you feel about fake lashes?

I think they are amazing! Though I knuckled my way through to putting it in but once it sets in, they are gorgeous! Really a beauty changer. I like the natural look fake lashes. I am not overly impressed with the Katy Price’s full on lash look at all. Sorry if you are a fan.

3. Where do you sit/stand to put on your makeup every day?

I have my pine wood table I got from Argos where I use as my vanity makeup table. It is not really the same as the girly Alex white vanity tables but it does the job for me.

4. Do you like to watch any YouTube beauty gurus? Who?

Oh yes! I like watching Chloe Morello, Fleur de Force, Bubzbeauty, Tanya Burr, Pixiwoos, Itsjudytime and a lot more. Sometimes I just type in beauty blogger and watch some selection.

Beauty – Following A Beauty Blogger Tag Post For Fun

5. When did you start to wear makeup? Do you remember the first product you ever used?

I think I was in high school when I started experimenting on makeups. And my first beauty makeups was AVON cosmetics. I first tried to put on a lipstick with a pink/mauve shade. I forgot what it is called but it was from AVON.

6. What is your favorite mascara?

I am all about drugstore beauty products. And I love Maybelline The Falsies and Revlon High Definition one. These are my ‘holy grails’ of mascara at the moment. I am looking to get a new one, have you got a recommendation? Of course, it has to be a drugstore brand.

7. What is your go-to everyday hairstyle?

I’ve always had my hair down. Perhaps it is boring and unchallenging for you. And when it is not a hair down look, I have it in a ponytail *only when I am at home

8. When do you feel most beautiful?

Every day! Well, I bloody hope so! I feel beautiful when I get 8 hours sleep at least or when my skin is all looking flawless, and most especially when my lips not chap and dry like Sahara desert.

Now it’s your turn!

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