Beauty – The Youtuber Made Me Do This Magic Beauty Hack

Beauty hack YouTuber made me do


The YouTuber made me do this magic beauty hack which I desperately fall into as soon as I saw it on YouTube. Man, was I conned?

Wedding preparations can be exhausting. Especially when the bride doesn’t have a wedding planner at bay, and when there is no one available to assist her.

Not only that. You ADD 5-6 days a week work CARRY OVER the unexpected occasion/event invitations, EQUALS 7 to the 10th power eye bagful of weeks!

Beauty – The Youtuber Made Me Do This Magic Beauty Hack

Being a “hands on” bride, I have experienced many sleepless nights and early morning wake ups. Which makes this the culprit of dark under eye circle and bags. Ouch!

In addition to that, catching up with our wedding suppliers since they were mostly sourced out from abroad, makes time difference a curse.

Panic just hit me! Obviously, I rummaged through my beauty stash to find a remedy.

I was an avid user of Sleek Makeup Corrector and Concealer Palette 03. I’ve heard good reviews about this and recommendations from friends. It was OK for every day wear, no doubt.

But then, there were more and more late night works and sleepless nights happening nearing our wedding day. Thought I was gonna have a heart attack due to panic.

Beauty – The Youtuber Made Me Do This Magic Beauty Hack

I tried homemade remedies too in the hope to slow down my transformation to becoming a certified vampire. You can understand my sentiments here, right? I became more and more impatient, and I wanted immediate results.

I’ve looked beauty hack on YouTube on “How to cover under eye dark circles” and I’ve chance upon a couple of beauty vloggers recommending applying a coral lipstick shade to defy eye bags.

They said it has something to do with the colour wheel. Okay what? Anyway, I was sceptical about it at first, but I was desperate. So I went and got myself a matte “Coral Pop” lipstick from Collection Lasting Colour and started painting my face with it.

As per YouTuber advice, to do this beauty hack: On your clean face, (of course, beauty rituals first before makeup) glide the lipstick on your under eye and then pat it on with your fingers, then leave on for a while before applying foundation.

Beauty – The Youtuber Made Me Do This Magic Beauty Hack

I find it was hard to do this because the lipstick was moving together with my foundation. Ending, I’ve got the combination of the coral lipstick and foundation all over my face. Yes, picture it!

If I may say it honestly, I definitely looked like a “peeled plum head with a human body“. Ridiculous! I showed it to my fiance John to get a better perspective and consolation.

I see John grinning. He is stopping himself from laughing as he was worried, he will hurt my feelings. But I was not offended at all. I can’t hide it any longer so I ended up laughing out loud at myself so he can join in!

Seriously, I looked like an orange spot panda. What did I do wrong? How come those YouTuber can swore by it work?

Oh, what I do for the love of beauty, eh?!

I don’t think my choice of lipstick is the problem. Because Coral Pop is a lovely lipstick shade. It is surprisingly pigmented considering for it’s price. I actually love it! But not to camouflage my under eye but to color my lips.

This beauty hack may have worked for others, but it sure didn’t work for me.

What about you? Which beauty hack does a YouTuber made you do?

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