Beauty Review – TFL Luscious Lip Balms Novelty Items

TFL Luscious Lip Balms


I’ve got some TFL Luscious Lip Balms which are novelty items you can get in some London tube station. Find out if they are worth a try.

Have you caught a winter woe lip problem? Dont you worry! London Transport Museum got you covered! I got this pocket size pouch for £5.00 with three different iconic flavoured lip balms inside:

Beauty Review – TFL Luscious Lip Balms Novelty Items

“District Lime”
It is in the color lime green balm and has that natural tangy scent of lime.

“Metropolitan Cherry”
It is in the color purplish-pinkish balm with a scent of sweet but mild cherry.

“Central Strawberry”
It is in the color orange and melon combination that smell like strawberry and orange mix.

I like how they named each balms. I think this is a very cute idea and that this pocket size pouch with a sling key chain is very handy. Just sling it in your makeup pouch or bag and you’ll never worry if ever you forget to bring one.

They are super moisturising on lips and stay-on longer. These lip balms are very comfortable to wear, light wear and non-greasy on the lips. Each scent is not overpowering at all but compliments it as you get to inhale the lovely scent every time you use one. Honestly, they all smell so good!

Packaging isn’t that great but it is not that bad. After all, it is a novelty item and I believe it is fine.

Have you got ang of these TFL Luscious Lip Balms Novelty Items? Which one of these would you likely wear?

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