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Beauty Box – The Beauty Secret of Glossybox October 2016

Glossybox October 2016 Beauty Box Review


Beauty box review of the Glossybox October 2016 featuring The Body Shop, UBC, Trifle Cosmetics, Bee Good and P.S Pro cosmetics.

I got excited when I read about the guest collaboration of Estee Lalonde with Glossybox for their October edition. Being a subscriber to her YouTube vlogs and a follower of her beauty blog, I have anticipated and pre-meditated that my October subscription box will be right up my street!

Well, it didn’t fail me at all! I honestly like everything inside the box. Here are some of Estee Lalonde’s beauty favorites and secrets.

Beauty Box – The Beauty Secret of Glossybox October 2016

The Body Shop: Drops of Youth Concentrate (RRP £25.00)

Tiny bit amount of this serum goes a long way. The potion dries up like silky smooth texture on the skin. It says it fights back early signs of ageing, it is organic, and it is from a well known high street brand. And we all know they deliver good bath and body products as well as skin care products, and that everyone is favouriting it too. I know it is too early to comment about the effect of this on my skin, but I already like the first few days of having it on my face day and night. I believe this is a good catch!

Universal Beauty Cosmetics: Secret Flush, Soothing Cream Blusher and Lip Stain Duo (RRP £15.00)

The packaging is aesthetically cute. The composition of this beauty product being a duo cream blusher and a lip stain in one is a great idea. It applies on shimmery and the shade is pink, mauve color on my cheeks, which I guess I would wear this autumn. I think it can also be a blusher and a highlighter in one! Great stuff! On my lips, the color is like a nude mauve shade with a satin-ish opacity which transpires as a metallic finish look on my lips. I supposed with my hypothessis, it’s good to rather say that this is a trio beauty product in one: highlighter, blusher and lip stain altogether. And I think this is an amazing beauty product to keep.

Beauty Box – The Beauty Secret of Glossybox October 2016

Trifle Cosmetic: Lip Parfait – Buttery Lip Cream (RRP £12.95)

I have to be fair, this kind of very nude pink lip color is not really my shade. It appears a little washed out on my lips and I look lifeless overall. It’s only my personal preference really, no pun intended. I personally prefer a nude lipstick with a tint of pink or rose tone in it like this and this. Getting back to this lipstick, this one glides on smooth and creamy with a moderate sweet scent of tutti frutti which doesn’t bother me at all. But yes, I concur. It’s eccentric cardboard printed packaging is such a Pinteresty image. I mean look at the picture! I’m loving it!

Bee Good: Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator (RRP £10.50)

I love using a good body scrubs and facial scrubs almost every day. I feel like I carry home with me a bag full of dirt and dust from everyday wearing makeup and I am in transit all the time. Hence, facial exfoliation is a BIG part of my every night time routine. There’s such a beauty satisfaction to me whenever I buff off dead skin cells and grime off my face before giving it a thorough wash, as soon as I got home from work. This has soft and refined scrub particles which doesn’t cause to irritate my skin or turn red. And it also says that it contains Vitamin E and honey. And because of that, my skin seems to be dancing with joyI am super happy that I can use this face exfoliator without worry every day.

Beauty Box – The Beauty Secret of Glossybox October 2016

PS… PRO: Graphic Eyeliner (RRP £3.00)

The felt nib is a big sized one, had a sturdy hold. And it has an angled tip to making lining your wing eyeliner on fleek. I like that it applies on really black and not grayish. The ink is not overly wet and dries up in no time once aired. I find that with a big sized felt nib, creating a wing line is easier than those with slimmer felt tip. It covers the lid area easily. My wing eyeliner skills is still in my beauty 101 wish list to perfect and hopefully, I will soon include doing this in my daily makeup routine. So far, I don’t have any qualms about this eyeliner. It is easy to use and very affordable. Good deal!

Bonus product!
Hair Hero secret shampoo

My immediate guess when I saw the bottle is that it is a new range from Head and Shoulders shampoo. And it smells the same like it equally as well. I would usually use the one with mint or lemon burst of H&S shampoo as I like the cooling effect it does on my scalp. But this one smells more of a powdery and floral fragrance. To tell you the truth, I wash my hair every day to remove the greasy feeling and prevents itchy scalp. Then I tried this secret shampoo since Saturday and so far, no hair and scalp issues. I would love to know if my speculation is right. I vote it is a new range from H&S shampoo and I cannot wait for the big reveal!

Which of these beauty products in the Glossybox October 2016 have you tried and liked?

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