Beauty – Current Spring Lip Wear Favourites

Spring Lip Wear Favourites Review


Here are my current spring lip wear favourites. These are all drugstore brands, affordable and very wearable for every day lip wear.

My makeup preference has definitely changed as the season changed especially the lip colour shades I wear. I am currently loving the shades of blush, pink and rose to wear on my lips.

To define these colours, here are my current go-to beauty lip wear favourites that are affordable and available at the drugstore. I wore them alternately depending on my current Spring moods!

When I’m feeling confident about my skin, I am happy to apply on a gloss or a tinted lip gloss like the L’oreal Paris Infallible Gloss – I Got The PowerThe shade combination is a soft pink, pale blush and chestnut just like the normal un-touched lip colour, only this gives a shine gloss effect which is super pretty. It is non drying on the lips on or before wear out.

Beauty – Current Spring Lip Wear Favourites

Longevity is easy to average wear off and it is slightly sticky on the lips but still comfortable to wear. The brush applicator is super cute as its got a wave style brush and it feels soft as soon you glide it on the lips. It has a sweet taste and scent which I don’t personally find irritating.

The glow effect adds radiance on the face and creates an elegant touch on my makeup look which I really loved about it.
Eversince I got this one, I couldn’t stopped wearing it. The Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm – Not An Illusion is super easy to apply, moisturizing on the lips and the colour after effect is super pretty.

This shade is a combination of pink and coral with red orange undertone. Lightweight wear on the lips and super pigmented in just one sweep! Since this is a colour balm, longevity is easy to average wear off and it transfers which is expected.

I love the colour after effect on the face which is a fresh, young and sprightly vibe! This is definitely worth the money! I freakin’ love this one… No joke!
For a romantic, lovey-dovey Spring time date, I always reach for this one to wear. Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish shade 05The colour shade is a combination of pinky rose and crimson red which is very apt for this season.

It has a pretty sheen effect which I love and super pigmented. Stays on the lips longer than the other two lip wear above. It is moisturizing on the lips and the colour shade is very wearable.

Which of these lip wear beauty products would you likely wear?

What are your current go-to Spring lip wear favourites?

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