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Beauty Applications I'm Rubbish At confession to make


As much as I love anything beauty related, there are a few beauty applications I’m rubbish at doing. There is no denying, I need some help, please!

Beauty Applications I’m Rubbish At

Liquid Eye Liner

“It’s not him… It’s me!” My relationship with liquid eye liner has ended even before it began. I still cannot get my hands ready and steady, every time I put on an eye liner on my eye lids and my darn eyes won’t keep shut.


I love doing at-home manicure. It’s one of my best pick me up beauty regimes. As soon as I’ve painted my nails my mood will swing to a full 360 degree total makeover feel! But I am toe-tally rubbish when it comes to doing pedicure. I do toe nail trimming though! Does that count?


I feel like doing this makeup routine just adds up dark shadow colours on my skin instead of enhancing it. I always ended up looking like a clown with red dots on the cheeks except mine is a dark brown color and some dark patches around my face.

Bleaching moustache

Yes, I do at-home bleaching of my moustache. But I am lazy and forgetful when it comes to bleaching time. There are times when I feel I could get away without doing it (which happens all the time). But as soon as I hear my husband pet calling me “mate” that’s when I know I am looking too macho for him already.

False Eye Lashes

False eye lashes are very pretty on the eyes but I am utterly rubbish at attempting to put it on. It’s either one end is higher than the other or one side is sticking out of my eye lid or I was putting it on very close to my eyeballs (like literally) or I just scatter glue all over my eye lid.

For those of you who have actually nailed doing these beauty things, you deserve a gazillion beauty points.

And for those of you who are like me, a ‘gold medalist never say never trier’, you deserve a pocketful of wet wipes and cotton buds. Let’s practise more!

Which beauty applications you admit  you are rubbish at doing?

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