Beauty – OMG! My Best Birthday Wish List So Far!

birthday wish list october 2016


Here are my birthday wish list this year. This is includes some beauty products, perfume and blogging equipment. What is in your birthday wish list?

Happy birthday to me! Well, not so far now, but definitely soon! October is my forever favorite month ever since I was born. Ha! I know I’ve been twice nice this year (Yes! Ask my husband), and still naughty as a child (Yes! Ask my husband), hence a “little” pressies on my birthday won’t hurt, right? (Yes, tell my husband please!). As for my birthday wish, every year, I remind myself to try to always look forward to a beautiful future and leave the past behind.

Damn right! That’s why here I am, writing this birthday wish list in preparation of myself looking towards a beautiful future for the coming year. Make sense, right?

Beauty – OMG! My Best Birthday Wish List So Far!

1. Love Story by Chloe

I had a whiff of the sample perfume in the magazine the other day, and I cannot forget how amazing it smells! And look at its bottle! Gorgeous!

2. DIPTYQUE Advent Calendar 2016

This candle seems to be everybody’s favorites. They are really expensive (it would ruin my husband’s bank) and photogenic to look at. It will be a dream come true for me to get my hands on their advent calendar this year. And it will definitely smells like heaven in our flat all throughout the year!

3. Estee Lauder, Victoria Beckham, Paris Makeup Look

When Estee Lauder released their Paris collection in the Victoria Beckham makeup range, I stared at it back and forth for weeks. They are a stunning color combination of makeup to have. It makes me dream of Paris even more. It would be a dream come true to have Paris in my own hands!

Beauty – OMG! My Best Birthday Wish List So Far!

4. The Cambridge Satchel – Ruby Red

I fell in love with this bag before and it still is up to now. It goes with any fashion style and I love its ruby color… It is so pretty beyond words!

5. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

Taking pictures is therapeutic for me. And when I see the images result, its depth and vividness of colors, it always transported me to a whole new world. I enjoy photography and it makes sense to wish of something on my birthday that could surely up my photography game in the future.

6. Sealing Collared Neck Coat

Oh baby, it’s cold outside! Need I really say more?

I want to say that these are just birthday wish list. When your special is day up, I see nothing wrong to make a list and to wish many beautiful things even if they are expensive. Don’t let them kill your dream. Perhaps it will all come true!

Above all else, I wish for a greater wisdom, good health for me and my whole family, strength to overcome anything the universe throws at me for another year, and world peace to everyone. To my fairy guardian angel, thank you for always keeping me by your side. I am very thankful for all the love I am receiving from all the people I love and loves me.

Is your birthday coming up soon? What is on your birthday wish list?

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