Beauty – The First Time I Try #1 : Bleaching My Lady Moustache At Home

Bleaching My Lady Moustache At Home Using Drugstore Jolen Cream


I would like to share with my experience the first time I try bleaching my lady moustache at home and which drugstore beauty product I used.

In the Philippines, it is “normal” that you see girls or women with a “moustache” on their faces. You would be surprised to hear that there are guys in our country who actually find it very attractive on girls to have a lady-moustache on their face.

And I for one is very lucky to have this special feature. (Mine is hereditary!) They are very thin like corn husks and situated on the upper side of my lips. It doesn’t look very obvious on first glance but you can definitely see it when you look at me in close-up view.

Bleaching My Lady Moustache At Home. What happened?

To be honest, I didn’t mind it at all. I grew up believing that it is okay to wear it. Until I met my British girl friend, Jessy… dun dun dun dunnnnnnn!

We usually have our girls night-in on weekends doing girls stuff and chit-chats. In one of those chats, we’ve asked each other on what we thought we need to do with each other’s face for fun.

There’s one thing she said about me which made me go blank for a minute. Actually, she didn’t say a word. She pointed her finger on the upper side of my lips and asked what I usually do with it. I answered, “Do what with what?” Like I said, I didn’t mind my lady tash before so I would not know what she is on about. Then she said the magic word and only then I realised that my moustache is the “thing”.

She asked me if I do anything to it and I said no, nothing and I asked for her opinion. Duh! Jessy explained to me that she bleached her tash. Also, there are other options I can try either bleach, wax or shave it.

I am against shaving because hair grows thicker after when I shave. I’ve never tried waxing before and I heard it was painful so I digress the idea. But I’ve tried bleaching my whole body when I was younger so I am game to try it. Though I was feeling anxious with the idea of bleaching my lady moustache at home since I’ve never bleached my face ever before.

I am anxious because I am unsure of what the effect would be on my skin. I was imagining that my skin will get irritated after; or get skin burnt; and or I may get scars/wounds after.

The First Time I Try Bleaching My Lady Moustache At Home

Jessy assured me that I will be fine and that I will like it, and will get used to using it as well. She uses a drugstore bleach product called Jolen and it worked for her. So off I went to Boots, got my Jolen and went home straight.

The instruction is plain and simple to follow. Mix a part of the sugar like powder and a part of the thick white paste together. Apply and cover the hair you want to bleach and leave for 8-10 minutes. Wipe to clean. If hair is still dark, do it all over again. I usually do two rounds of this before I am happy with the result.

Result: My hair turned blonde. It is not like white blonde hair color but more of a yellow and gold-ish, and it goes well with my skin tone. At first, I was getting a little itchy on the skin and stinging feeling during and after bleaching. But all is manageable.

I do it once every two weeks or if I’m being OCD, I will do it twice every two weeks. I am very happy with the result. So from then on, I always make sure I have my supply of Jolen on my cabinet and include it in my pamper routine. I also recommend it to my other Filipina friends to try.

What do you do with your lady moustache/facial hairs? Do you shave? Wax? Or bleach it too?

Which product do you use?

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