Skincare – Favorite Body Scrub! Scrub! Let It All Out!

favorite body scrub brands at the moment


Here are a few of my favorite body scrub at the moment. Featuring body scrubs from Soap and Glory, Dirty Works and Ted Baker.

I have updated my shower routine. And yes, I still shower at least once a day if you ask thank you very much!

I done a couple of field works last month and being outside a lot of the times, I felt my skin has turned crispy and for a moment I thought I was becoming a fish. I have slapped on a nifty amount of thick body cream to try to revive my skin, only the reversal effect is slim.

Hence I’ve updated my shower routine and include body scrub every single day to buff dry skin cells off all over my body and I can say, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I am currently using three body scrubs alternately in my every day shower routine.

Skincare – Favorite Body Scrub! Scrub! Let It All Out!

This body scrub has been the love of my life as it smells good, super gentle to skin and the exfoliating effect after shower is phenomenal!

I also use this buttery salt body scrub as it is a lot grainier and it polishes off enormous hard skin ans sunburn. Frankly, it makes me feel like I’ve shed off a years worth of mass earned dead skin cells after using it.

Lastly, I also use the Ted Baker London Body Scrub. Its scrub particles is a lot finer and more delicate. Gives an absolute moisturisation effect that my skin needs when I feel like I may have over scrubbed my skin a little bit. Body scrubbing can thin and make our skin raw. But I find that this body scrub represses it.

To finish off, I lather on Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. I put it on while my body is still wet. Leaving it on for a few minutes to allow the product to seeped into my skin before washing it off.

Seriously, this stuff is amaze-balls! Lo and behold my then fish skin has turned to a snuggly soft one in an instant! I’ve seen a monumental change in my skin after updating my shower routine.

Thanks to body scrub! I can now say bye-bye to dryness! Bye bye to rough and sunburnt skin! Say hello to a delicate, supple, hydrated and younger looking skin! The cat is now out of the bag! My secret to skin rejuvenation revealed.

Which one is your favorite body scrub brand?

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