Skincare Review – Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Free Facial Oil

Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Free Facial Oil Skincare Review


Here’s today’s review of Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Free Facial Oil. Is it worth the money?

I have never used a facial oil ever before! It’s not that I am lazy. Though, there are times that I really am lazy, I must admit. But I believe the reason why I do not use facial oil is because of my perception that it is an oil. Oil means grease. And grease leads to acne.

That’s what I believe at first. Until recently…

Why Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Free Facial Oil?

Since, I have never used a facial oil, I want to do a dry run first. See first how my skin will respond to oil. The last I want to happen is me dealing with break outs.

I do not want to spend a lot of money for something I am unsure and then waste it, because I decided, I do not like it. But at the same time, find something that is within reasonable price and from a brand that has a name somehow, instead of using something that is cheap and nobody knows about.


First Impression:
*The clear glass packaging feels heavy and looks nice and sleek.
*It has a subtle scent of vanilla without irritating and over powering.
*Contains Shea Butter that help skin surface renewal. I love Shea Butter as it smells good and provides a good moisturization to the skin.

Skincare Review – Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Free Facial Oil


I apply morning and night on a clean face after cleansing. Warm 2-3 drops of oil in your palm before dabbing it on your face.

I read on Caroline Hiron’s blog that you don’t rub the facial oil to your face. You must dab it to your skin for the product to properly absorb on your skin. Then leave it for awhile before applying your moisturizer and make up.


So far, after two weeks of using the product, I find that this product is non-greasy and it doesn’t feel heavy at all! So far, no acne aside from 1 or 2 on my chin which I think is normal during my time of the month.

I find that my skin feels extra supple and soft especially on areas I needed moisturizing and hydrating the most. I am liking every thing at the moment.

I confessed, I am now 100% facial oil convert. As a first timer, this product has really changed my opinion about facial oils. For now I will enjoy this product and update you as we go along. Fingers crossed – all good!

Sincare Review – Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Free Facial Oil

Boots Time Delay Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Free Facial Oil £13.99 for 30 ml
Actually, there are a couple of facial oils I’ve been meaning to get way back before to test out. But I just couldn’t put my hands on which one is the best I should get next. Maybe you can all help me? I have three choices. I know that there are so many other facial oil brands to mention – drugstore and high end both, but I will stick to one of these three products first and see how it goes.

The Sanctuary Spa Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil £11.67 for 30ml

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil £22.00 for 30ml

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil £15.00 for 28ml

Do you love using facial oils too? Which one would you recommend?

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