Beauty – How To Do Eye Brow Makeup Using Bourjois Brow Palette For Brunette

Bourjois Brow Palette For Brunette Review


Here’s today’s review of the new Bourjois Brow Palette for Brunette. I am showing you how I use this, and find out why this is worth to try.

For eyebrow makeup – again – I do mine very simple and easy. I’ve used the Barry M Brow Kit every day, and I am near panning this one out. So, I am on the look out for a new drugstore eye brow palette to try when I went to Boots.

I got the new Bourjois Brow Palette for Brunette. The other palette on the stand is the blonde shade which is a lighter tone for my eyebrows.

The palette is straightforward to use. It is a small pocket-sized palette which is great to carry in your makeup bag wherever you go. It’s got a dark wax shade, a powder and a cream highlighter. It also got a dual ended mini brush which I find a little smaller for my use, but still does the job well. Having a built-in mirror would have made such a big difference, if you ask me, for any on-the-go brow palette.

Beauty – How To Do Eye Brow Makeup Using Bourjois Brow Palette For Brunette

(See below picture on step by step eyebrow look using this palette)

Step 1: Sculpting

Using its mini spooley, I brush my brows upward. Then, as it reads in the instruction on the back, brush the spooley on the wax and then onto the brows. It will set the hair in place and make the powder product stick to the brows for a long time.

Step 2: Filling

Using its slim and tiny brush, dip it to the powder makeup and fill in the brows and shape it. As for me, I focus more on the top of my brows as I have a funny sliding slope on it. Fill in any sparse or gap areas to make it look fuller.

Step 3: Highlighting

Using the finger, dab and swipe it through on top and below the eyebrows to brighten up, make it look clean, fresh and highlighted. They don’t feel greasy when you apply it on the skin.

Beauty – How To Do Eye Brow Makeup Using Bourjois Brow Palette For Brunette

All three shades bares a good pigmentation. Each of them are easy to blend and easy to apply on the brows even if I use its mini dual ended brush.

I like that they put on a natural look on my eyebrows. They hold on for a very long time without the need of re-touching. For every day brow makeup, this palette is worth to try!

Retail at £7.99 when I got it at Boots. I believe this a reasonable price because I am sure I will be using this time and time again.

Have you tried the new Bourjois Brow Palette?

How do you do your eyebrow makeup?

Bourjois Brow Palette For Brunette Tutorial

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