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Bucket list life goals


I think bucket list are for those who are more organized, dreamsetter people. No?

I must say, I am also good at making a grocery list every now and then (at least think I am). But I never actually “wrote” my bucket list yet ever. Have you?

I find a bucket list a bit daunting and overwhelming at times when I start thinking about what I would like to do and sometimes a little disappointing when I look back and none of the list has materialized.

I enjoy reading bucket lists of other people like “100 Places To Go Before I Die”, “20 Things To Do Before I Said I Do”, “30 Foods To Eat Before I Turned 30” etc, etc. Whether they have achieved their bucket list or not, it is very inspiring to know that people set life goals and actually achieved it. (and I don’t?!) So I thought of writing my own bucket list and join in the bucketlist bandwagon!

With so many things I dreamt to be able to do, it seems impossible to narrow it down and prioritize to top 10 things in a bucket list to make it more precise and general. So one afternoon, I throw in a pen and paper, make myself lemon tea, sit down and started doodling my list as I began to wonder

My 10 Things Bucket List Life Goals

1. I want to travel the world.

And who doesn’t? The world is beautiful. It hurts not to be able to see the wonders of the world with my own eyes.

2. I want go on a cruise!

It is so romantic and a very expensive leisure thing to do. Imagine being away in the land for a week with nothingness surrounding you but water? It is pretty scary to imagine as I can’t really swim in deep water. But hey, Going on a cruise made it to my list so I guess I’ll wait until I get there. (I will make sure to ALWAYS wear a life vest day and night.)

3. I want to have the mole on my face surgically removed.

I do not particularly like it if you ask me. It is quite an”extraordinary” mark to see a big black mole on a person’s face. There’s been a lot of times that I got bored with seeing it on my face. (I’ve been “wearing” it since birth.) Sometimes I wonder when I will have it removed, will my life story change too?

4. I would like to work with brands and make my blog soar high!

Just like every bloggers dream! Yes, you say it is not about the numbers, pageviews blah di blah. But it is really! (when you are serious in blogging) I have done a couple of collaborations with brands and I had so much fun doing it. It gives a unique feeling of achievement everytime I finished the task and taught me self appreciation when people started giving attention to the work I’ve done.

Lifestyle – 10 Things Bucket List Life Goals

5. I would like to learn to code.

Yes and break the internet with a smashing code! I like to troubleshoot error codes and create a dynamic site and let the world see and use it.

6. I would like to learn to drive.

And drive around town until I get broke. Yes, I can drive a scooter and ride a bike but I’ve never driven a car. I would like to learn to drive so when I get bored and lonely, I could just hop in the car, drive anywhere and be gone for as long as I want.

7. I would like to learn and speak other languages.

So I could say hi in 100 languages! Languages and dialects always fascinate me. I always tell this to people I know that when a Scottish person starts  talking, its like lullabye to my ears!

8. I would like to master makeup applications.

Just like every girls dream who have the passion with makeup. Makeup transformation is such a beautiful art and I would like to become a PRO one day.

9. I would like to go mountain climbing.

See the world from top – again! Yes, there is something about being on top and watching everything move under.

10. I would like to go camping for one week.

Get to symphatize with Tom Hanks and make my own friend Wilson.

Have you written your bucket list yet? If not, maybe reading this blog will inspire you:


I would love to read back this bucket list after 5 years and see how many life goals I have achieved, revised or have not achieved yet. *fingers crossed

What about you? What is in your bucket list?

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