Beauty Review – Cheryl’s New Matte Lip Kit From L’Oreal

Cheryl's New Matte Lip Kit From L'Oreal Beauty Review


I mentioned in this post before that I held out wearing any lip products for weeks now. But I suppose I am breaking the pack because Cheryl announced her new matte lip kit line from L’Oreal. I simply couldn’t resist it!

They have 3 shades available: Burgundy, Greige which is a grey-toned mauve, and Peach that is a pretty, warm-toned nude shade. I have several burgundy and peach nude shade lip products already so I picked up the Greige shade which is new to my collection.

Cheryl’s New Matte Lip Kit From L’Oreal Lip Swatch:

Cheryl's New Matte Lip Kit From L'Oreal Greige Lip Swatch

Wearing Greige shade did shook me a little when I saw myself at the mirror as I’ve never worn a super bold lip shade like this one ever. This is definitely out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t help but say: Wow, who is she? The two lip products are buttery that it glides smoothly on lips without the need to drag it on especially its lip pencil.

Amazing pigmentation! Buttery and creamy in formulation, but they are legit matte finish on the lips. It didn’t make my lips look unpretty dry and it is comfortable to wear as well. There are some matte lip kits I’ve used before that cause my lips to dry, chapped and feeling restricted the next day, but I didn’t find that with this lip kit so far. It lasts on me a fairly long time, too!

You can even wear the lip pencil on its own, but applying its lip combo adds up a different kind of character on the lips which is beautiful!

The lip kit is £9.99 a box. I think it is an affordable price and that money well spent. I bought mine at Superdrug.

Have you tried Cheryl’s new matte lip kit from L’Oreal? Which is your favorite shade?

Which drugstore lip kit brand is your favorite?

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