Skincare – Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask Review

Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask Skincare review


Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask you need to try right now for beautiful and glowing skin. This pure clay mask is loved by many and you will, too!

Breakout… Don’t stop to ask. Now you’ve found a break to make at last. You’ve got to find a way. Say what you want to say… I’m breaking out!

Hey, Swing out sisters! You see, I am trying to say it in a song. But seriously, I am breaking out bad at the moment. I need some serious helping. I’ve also asked Google on what’s causing me break out and my oh my! The list is endless!

Skincare – Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask Review

I did a major backtracking and simmered down things that are obvious this weekend. Like changing our bed sheets and pillow cases, washed up my used make up brushes (I said I will make it a habit but I still fail), major overhaul in my diet, cut out dairy and sweet cravings, sleep early instead of 2am, and most importantly learn to calm myself to relive from stress.

I also know that ever since I started writing beauty reviews and trying out several products, my regime has changed. I believe it started my breakout drama.

Last Sunday my husband and I went to Boots and bought our necessities. I need some skin rescuing so I grabbed L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask.

I also use an affordable face mask like this one and it never disappoint me. But since the hype and buzz of L’oreal Pure Clay Mask is making, I said to myself I must try it, too! I have read a lot of good reviews about it so it better be good!

Skincare – Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask Review

So I put the kettle on and as soon as its done I pour the hot water in a bowl, grabbed myself a towel and wrapped it around my head and steamed my face for 10 minutes.

Whilst I was slow cooking our super easy and delicious Beef Casserole dinner, I was steaming myself!

After steaming, I’ve applied on the Loreal Glow Clay Mask on my face and wait for it to work out. This clay mask has claimed:

“Brighten and exfoliate your skin with the Pure Clay Glow Mask. For your purest, cleanest, brightest skin.”

My skin needs a good exfoliation and it look dull and spotty at the moment. Doing field works has taken its toll on my skin, too. I wanted something that deeply cleanses those gunk and toxins that is living ‘rent free’ on my skin.

Skincare – Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask Review

Here are my first impression of this pure clay mask

• The bottle packaging speaks highly of its quality.

• The orange color of this pure clay mask looks promising.

• It’s mint and super invigorating scent lingers in the room, and it smells very aromatherapeutic.

• It doesn’t dry up hard and matte on the skin like other face masks after 10 minutes of leaving it on.

• It’s scrub particles are really soft on the skin as you rub it on while washing it off. It doesn’t leave my skin blotchy red after.

• My skin feels soft like baby’s bum. Skin reveal an amazingly healthy glow right away.

Definitely worth the money! It is advisable to use the mask 2-3 times a week to see good result. I’d better get on my second application then!

If you want to see other clay masks of L’oreal, go check it out here.

Have you tried the Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask?

Which of the Loreal Pure Clay Mask is your favorite?

Loreal Pure Clay Mask Glow Mask beauty sample

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