Beauty – 10 Random Thoughts While I’m Cleaning Makeup Brushes

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Cleaning makeup brushes is a tedious thing to do and sometimes boring. Here’s some funny random thoughts I have in mind while I clean my makeup brush.

Cleaning makeup brushes is a very easy thing to do.  But frankly saying, it is one of the least things I am not excited to do. I had to kick my butt off the couch the other day as I got told, “uncleaned makeup brushes have no place on the dining table.” My alibis: “I was just checking some work emails.” *I heard a murmur behind me saying: Yeah right!

Anyway, I’ve got to do it. Its been long overdue and I can see crazy little sh*** oops! I mean, zits feasting my face – again! They always have the wrong timing to pop-out! Blooming sh*** I mean zits!

My brush cleaning technique and tools are very basic. I only need my marigolds, a dry towel, lukewarm running water and dishwashing liquid. Everytime I clean my makeup brushes, my mind does Dora the explorer. Are you the same? Here’s a few of my weird random thoughts while I clean makeup brushes rounding up to 10. Enjoy reading!

Beauty – 10 Random Thoughts While I’m Cleaning Makeup Brushes

1. How did I manage to use all these brushes?

2. Who came up with the idea of using different kinds of makeup brushes to do makeup? This is your responsibility!

3. Why can’t makeup brushes clean up their own mess?

4. Once I’m done with this, I will have a slice of that Gateau cake, make myself a lemon tea and read Cosmopolitan.

5. The weather is actually lovely today and I am stuck at home and not in Cornwall?

6. Why can’t we just have one makeup brush to apply on everything? I only have one face? Duh!

Beauty – 10 Random Thoughts While I’m Cleaning Makeup Brushes

7. Geesh, that strawberry slice on the Gateau cake is looking absolutely tasty! *belly starts rumbling

9. On my pay day, I hope to get that Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette. Those shades look amazing! *mind doing dream shopping Oh wait, that will mean using makeup brushes again to apply! Ah forget it then!

10. Ah finally! Clean makeup brushes! Goodbye zits.. Hello fresh face! It didn’t take that long to wash these makeup brushes after all. And why do I always delay doing this?  I promise to wash my … Oh! wait a minute where is that Gateau cake again?

Here we go again!


How do you clean your makeup brushes?

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