Beauty Review – MOTD Using Collection Cosmetics

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Here’s today’s review of some of the Collection Cosmetics I got from the drugstore. See my makeup of the day face too using these makeup products. 

I can’t believe that I got up super late today. My alarm went snooze, snooze, snooze and I just went snore, click, snore! Usually, I have to get up by seven forty-five in the morning during the week since I have to be at work by ten. But today, I got up at eight-thirty (got up or just lazy?) – epic fail!

Flew from bed to the kitchen even though my eyes are still half closed and made coffee (duty wife calls), then straight to the shower. After that, I washed my face in the sink (which I always do) and argh! I poked my eye with my soapy finger. Bless! Surely, this day is looking super bright!

I didn’t had time to laze around because it was bloody nine o’clock already! Just because I was coming in late at work doesn’t mean I can’t still do pretty, right?

Beauty Review – MOTD Using Collection Cosmetics

Collection Naturally Matt Foundation in shade Ivory (£2.99)

– The consistency is like a wet talc paste. It brushed off like a mass of wet powder on the face, thus a good brushing, dabbing and swirling is necessary. What perfect timing to use this one of all time! Great!

– Coverage is very light. Though, I would prefer a little more coverage than this as much as possible. I tried to add more and build this up (buttercup baby!) and I find it drying on the face and cracking up on my face lines too.

It is lightweight and finishes of like a powder would except it is not a powder. I would rather suggest using a matte powder for those who have oily skin than putting this foundation on. The end result is unflattering.

– It didn’t stay on that long leaving my face oilier. Its too cold in London and my face looks like it has bloody visited Philippines in a jiffy! I was relieved to note that I did not forget to bring my L’oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Powder to dust off oil on my face that Iraq maybe starting to look into. This powder has always saved me from disgrace!

For concealer, I used my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) in Cool brown shade. Okay! I can hear you saying I am yacking about it again for the hundredth time. I won’t say anymore except that I adore it!

Beauty Review – MOTD Using Collection Cosmetics

For my eyebrows, I used Collection Eye Brow Kit (£2.99)

I bought this one before and ended up using and finishing the brow gel that came with it. This eyebrow shade is a tad lighter for my eyebrows reflecting as a chocolate brown shade which doesn’t look natural that’s why I’ve just left it dusting in my makeup drawer and never used it. But because I bought some Collection Makeup products to try and review, I thought of taking this one out of the bag and give it another go. And yep! I still find the colour a mismatch on my eyebrows.

I used Collection Gorgeous Glow Block – Blush (£3.99) on my eyelid instead of on my cheeks just to put a little shimmer on my eye lid instead of leaving it naked. The powder, shimmery shade is buildable. Though, I am not sure I would use this as a highlighter blush as it is too glittery for me. But as an eye shadow option, it works!

Beauty Review – MOTD Using Collection Cosmetics

For my eye lashes, I used two mascara:

Collection Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara (£2.99)

I was scanning through and just randomly picked a mascara at the Collection stand when I went to Boots not knowing this is actually a colour blue (me bad!) mascara ink. It is not a shocking blue color and it somehow added a bit of character after I brushed it on my eye lashes. Somehow, I had to do a bit of camouflaging by using my:

H&M Volume Mascara (£2.99). Coverage of this mascara is thin and light so I had to make 2-3 coats to get a bit of oomph volume I needed. That’ll do!

Can’t get away without a lipstick on so I applied the Collection Work The Colour Moisturizing Lip Butter Lip (£2.99) – Perfect Plum on my lips.

– It glides on effortlessly and it is super pigmented.

– It has a sheen effect. The color is purplish pink red which is beautiful.

– The staying power is average. A touch up is needed.

– It does transfer and smudge.

How is your day going? I hope it is good as my day has been.

Have you used any of this Collection cosmetic products?

Collection Cosmetics MOTD


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