Beauty – Affordable Coral Lipstick Recommendation

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Here’s today’s review of an affordable coral lipstick shade to wear on your Valentine’s date. Check out these budget friendly lipstick brand.

According to, “Coral means you are approaching the date with enthusiasm, playfulness and the right amount of balance.
You want to be noticed, know where you are going and may be in a hurry to get there. You’re willing to have fun and just see where it goes.”

I think coral lipstick shades reflects as young, sweet, innocence and naivety

I usually see women who wear this lipstick color during Summer and Spring. Usually they pair this with a smokey eye makeup. There a different shades of corals, some are bright, some are darks and some are nude effect like this one:

Beauty – Affordable Coral Lipstick Recommendation

Dior Addict Fluid Lipstick – Rieuse
Price: £26.50

This is a very nice nude coral fluid formulation lipstick that stained on lips like a pinkish, nude, orangey color. Its soft tip applicator glides on the lips smoothly. It has a decent average stay-on power thus a touch up maybe necessary. But look at its packaging… classy!

Actually your can wear this Dior Fluid Lipstick on its own and you’re good to go. Or if you want a fuller lips look, you may pair this with a an affordable lip liner:

Collection Lip Definer Lasting Color – Nude Pink
Price: £2.79

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