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Lifestyle – How To Dress For A Summer Wedding

Dress For A Summer Wedding Fashion Tips


What is your perfect dress for a summer wedding like? Read Guest Blogger Peter advice on how to choose the perfect dress for a summer wedding.

The worst nightmare of any wedding planner is predicting the weather. Nobody likes a blizzard or a storm on their wedding day. That’s the usual reason why many couples decide to organize their wedding in the summer. If you have an invitation for such an occasion, choosing an outfit is probably one of the most important points on your checklist. Wedding dress-code usually depends on the season, the nature of the wedding and the venue.

Here are some advices on what you should and shouldn’t wear on a summer wedding.

Lifestyle – How To Dress For A Summer Wedding


White outfit is absolutely forbidden – for an obvious reason: it’s reserved exclusively for the bride. Also, pay attention to beige in case that the model of your dress resembles a wedding dress. If black is what you are going for, you should brighten it up a bit with some accessories. Safest and most appropriate for a summer wedding is to choose some vivid and colorful outfit. This summer is all about the prints. Rather than stripes, romantic flowers or wacky abstract motif are a must have this season.


Whether it’s cheerful and lively or elegant and festive, a dress is a foolproof pick. The type of the model depends on the nature of the event. Since this won’t be your big day, you shouldn’t be the most striking. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid glamorous and big dresses, or short and low-cut ones. If you’re going to the wedding during the day, some gentle and cute sundress with chic heels will be a perfect combination. And if it’s an evening affair, you could opt for a more elegant solution like a cocktail dress or a long evening gown. But if the dress-code isn’t a black tie one, you may go with retro style which is still in. Retro inspired boho dresses can be appropriate for both day and night, and their vibrant colors and unexpected patterns will add a vintage twist to your appearance.

Tip: If a part of the wedding ceremony is going to be held in a church, remember to have something to cover your bare arms and décolletage.

Lifestyle – How To Dress For A Summer Wedding


When properly made, women suits can be very unconventional yet sexy and elegant. If you’re willing to try something different and unusual, pick some linen suit for the happy event. Linen is a natural material, so you’ll feel reasonably comfortable even in scorching temperatures. Be careful, not every suit is appropriate for a wedding, some of them can be too reserved which can leave an impression of boredom. If the wedding has a casual dress-code, instead of a dress or skirt, you could wear some nice pants and a blouse, but however casual it is, you shouldn’t wear jeans, not ever.


The shoes you’ll be wearing are an essential part of your fashion combination. Besides looking cool and stylish, your outfit should also be comfortable. Try to avoid sky high heels if you’re not used to them or if the venue is outdoors, because they tend to get stuck in the grass or in the sand. Mid heel is always a good and safe choice.

Breathable fabrics are the perfect choice for the material. Fabrics like lace, chiffon, cotton or linen, are more satisfying under the summer sun. Accessories are necessary to complete your appearance, but you shouldn’t exaggerate with some extravagant pieces. Also, minimalistic makeup is advised to avoid your face melting down. Skip smokey eyes and apply a shimmering lip gloss. Keep it light altogether. The right outfit for a summer wedding should be comfortable, elegant and cheerful.

What is your perfect dress for a summer wedding?

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