Beauty – Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipe For Beautiful Hair

easy homemade hair mask recipe to try


Guest blogger Louisa Rose shared with us an easy homemade hair mask recipe guaranteed to give us a healthy, bouncy and beautiful hair.

To keep my hair looking full bodied and bouncy, I use the best volumizing shampoo, and apply this moisturizing DIY hair mask whenever my hair starts to feel a bit dry.

My vegan recipe is really simple to make and contains completely natural ingredients. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that infuse hair with the nutrients it needs to stay strong, healthy and shiny.

Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipe For Beautiful Hair


Avocado can help moisturize your strands and keep them strong. It contains amino acids, Vitamins A, B6, D, and E, folic acid, potassium and many other minerals. It also delivers a high amount of protein, which can restore hair that feels dry and brittle.

Using avocado in a hair mask is a great way to keep your locks looking shiny and supple. It’s also one of the best natural ingredients to use on your scalp, as it nourishes your skin, improves its health and stimulates new hair growth.


Bananas have numerous health benefits, and can repair and condition hair leaving it smooth and soft. They contain potassium, vitamins, folate and natural oils, which work together to moisturize hair and protects its natural elasticity.

By improving the strength and suppleness of each strand, banana helps to reduce breakages caused by styling damage, making it shiny and easier to manage.

Coconut Milk

If you want to naturally enhance your hair’s natural beauty, try using a touch of coconut milk. It deep conditions strands, adding moisture and shine to hair that feels dry and dull. It also works as a natural detangler, so you won’t need to apply as much stress when working through knots.

Coconut milk has antifungal and antibacterial properties and can help reduce the yeast on your scalp which is one of the leading causes of dandruff. It also helps soothe irritated skin and minor scalp infections.

Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipe For Beautiful Hair

Coconut Oil

For hair to remain healthy, it needs protein to retain its natural moisture and withstand damage from styling and chemical processes. Coconut oil effectively penetrates the hair shaft to nourish with vitamins, minerals and medium chain fatty acids, as well as reduce protein loss.

Coconut oil helps protect your hair from further damage and is a great way to tame flyaways and frizz. It’s one of the best gifts from mother nature to strengthen and condition hair from root to tip.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can be very beneficial for your hair, making it healthier, stronger and shinier. By smoothing the outer cuticles of hair fibers and broken or split ends, your hair will be easier to manage and style.

It is a natural emollient with rich moisturizing properties and infuses hair with Vitamins A, K, and antioxidants. It’s also a good way of removing a buildup of sebum, which can promote healthier hair growth.

– 1/2 Avocado
– 1/2 Banana
– 50 ml Coconut Milk
– 2 tbsp Coconut Oil
– 1 tbsp Olive Oil

Easy Homemade Hair Mask Recipe For Beautiful Hair Method:

Add all the ingredients in a blender, and mix until you have a smooth paste. If it’s lumpy, it can be harder to distribute through your hair.

Massage the mixture into your scalp so your skin can absorb the nutrients, and work your way down from root to tip, making sure you also target broken or split ends.

Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. If you leave it on for longer, make sure the mixture doesn’t dry completely.

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo which is preferably sulfate free, and rinse thoroughly. If you feel any bits still in your hair, just shampoo for a second time. Condition and style your hair as usual, and get ready to enjoy smooth, shiny hair which feels healthy and lush.

Do you any homemade beauty recipe? Share your most favorite recipe by leaving us a comment below.

About The Author: Louisa Rose is from Cologne, Germany. She runs Body Health Love, where she blogs about health and beauty advice for young women.

Links and photo credits to blogger Louisa Rose.

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