Lifestyle – Embrace Imperfection: How To Love The Skin You’re In

embrace imperfection and love the skin you're in


“Learning to embrace imperfection is the first step to self-appreciation and loving the skin we’re in.”

Life would have been perfect, if only genies exist. Don’t you think?

If only I met a genie when I was still little, and I was granted ONE chance to change myself physically, I would tell the genie to take away the mole on my face, because I didn’t want it.

Lifestyle – Embrace Imperfection: How To Love The Skin You’re In

As you may have all noticed, I have a big mole on my face. When I was little – believe it or not – I did not have this on my face. But as I am growing up, my mole is slowly showing up too. It started from a little dot to the size I have today.

I was ecstatic when I first saw it. I thought it was cool! I’ve said to myself, I was one damn lucky girl to get this. It made me very happy and proud of myself that I possessed a unique feature compared to other kids my age.

Then people I know and met have started to associate me with some famous artists because of my mole. People started calling me by names like Cindy Crawford, Cindy Lauper and Lorna Tolentino (a well-known Filipina actress).

I felt supreme and I imagined I was popular too! I also felt beautiful because these artists are totally beautiful.

Lifestyle – Embrace Imperfection: How To Love The Skin You’re In

Truly, nothing lasts forever. That feeling of being happy and confident have dramatically change to becoming sad and feeling sorry about myself. I thought the mole was a curse.

As I get older, my mole gets bigger in size. Kids at school began calling me nasty names like “fly”, “peppercorn” and “booger”.

I began to feel anxious, shy and depressed. My confidence has gone downhill. I begged my mom many times to let me have it surgically removed, but she won’t have it.

I became crazy about it that I tried to pick on it, and pull it down with my nails. It got to the point when the top skin came off and it started bleeding.

Lifestyle – Embrace Imperfection: How To Love The Skin You’re In

I got s*** scared and I panicked. I didn’t tell my mother what I’ve done because I am too scared that she will get mad and punish me.

So I pressed my finger hard on the skin that came away, in the hope that it will glued back to my face. Luckily, it did and boy! I was relieved it did!

After that, I’ve never touched it anymore. I didn’t have money to pay for the surgery nor I have the courage to have it removed anyway. So I might as well let it be. I thought to myself, this is it for me now. Me, myself and my mole… forever and ever!

But now that I am more matured and can think rightly (I hope!), I’ve become more aware of my physical self and have started to love the skin I’m in. I’ve also learned 3 things along the way:

Lifestyle – Embrace Imperfection: How To Love The Skin You’re In

1. I’ve accept the fact that my mole comprise of my whole self being and it is a gift from God. Everyone bears a unique feature they have in themselves. My unique feature is my mole and I am thankful for it as it completes my whole human being.

2. No one person is perfect. People are going to talk. Let them. Unfortunately, there are not so nice people in the world, too. Just let them. I cannot please everybody, and life doesn’t have to end there.

3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To have a scar, birthmark or a mole is beautiful. My husband John loves my mole and he will always say to me that he won’t have me without it! *cheeks turn beetroot red* What say you then?

“A mole on either side of the mouth is indicative of a balanced, successful life. Individuals may be rich, famous and live a lavish lifestyle, but also enjoy satisfaction on the home front. Women with these moles may be extremely beautiful.”

Source: skincare.lovetoknow

What about you? How do you embrace imperfection and love the skin you’re in?

Embrace imperfection love the skin you're in

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