Beauty – 3 Inexpensive Eyebrow Makeup That Actually Works

eyebrow makeup that actually works


Discover the range of eyebrow makeup that actually works. These are all inexpensive eyebrow makeup available at your drugstore. Read more of my review.

I have mixed feelings of in love and not so in love when using an eyebrow pencil and an eyebrow powder. How about you?

When I was just learning to put on makeup, I started using pencil on my brows. Probably because I grew up watching my mother use a pencil to shade her brows. I find that eyebrow pencil makes a more defined and full on shades. And I thought that was how it should be and nothing else anymore.

I used black and brown pencil alternately depending on my mood. I used to have a super black hair when I was younger thus I was using black eyebrow pencil more. Back then, I thought black was a good pairing with my black hair. But through time, I find that it looked a bit harsher and the shade heavier to wear on my brows.

Beauty – 3 Inexpensive Eyebrow Makeup That Actually Works

So, I opted to use a dark brown eyebrow pencil, and it has changed my views with eyebrow makeup. Having used several eyebrow pencil brands, I then discovered my love with the Rimmel London Professional Eye Brow Pencil in shade Hazel.

For the price of £2.99 this pencil has a good color pigmentation. It finishes off as a medium brown shade with a subtle, light brown reflection. The coverage is good and the shade isn’t as shocking as compared to other eyebrow pencils I’ve tried before (some are disappointing, really.) The brush on the lid that comes with it makes it convenient and easy for touch-up and blending on the go. The only tiny downside was I have to bring my sharpener all the time.

Then I discovered Collection Eyebrow Definer. I used the shade blonde as it goes perfectly with my skin tone, not too light and not too dark. It finishes off as a subtle blonde, brown shade. This pencil used to be my holy grail as it was super easy to apply on. Super pigmented and glides on easily on my brows. It filled the sparse areas on my brows evenly without looking harsh or shocking. This is priced at an affordable £2.79 totally a bargain! It is in a twist/retractable pencil so no need for a sharpener. Love it!

Beauty – 3 Inexpensive Eyebrow Makeup That Actually Works

Then I bought Barry M Brow Kit. It is in a powder form which was new to me before. I used to find this too dark for my brows and like I said, applying eyebrow powder was new to me thus the application was a bit of a wonder. I started using this when I ran out of my Collection Eyebrow Definer and at first it was a bit of a mishap.It sometimes ended up too heavy and uneven as I couldn’t control the amount of powder shade I put on. But as I use it now every day, I am able to shape my brows with ease. The pigmentation is amazing! It is a dark brown shade that finishes off as medium brown just perfect for my brows and skin tone.

It also came with a brown wax and a highlighter powder. Seldom use the wax as I find it harder for me to work on the powder and I’m not a massive fan of the end color. However, I use my clear Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel (£3.99) after to hold the hair in place.

Beauty – 3 Inexpensive Eyebrow Makeup That Actually Works

The highlighter powder gives a nice, clean and illuminating shape on the outline of my brows and I love it! This is priced at £5.99 which is very affordable. For its price and quality, I would recommend this to everyone. I would definitely re-purchase this again. Though I don’t particularly like the packaging but it’s no big deal really. For me, this is a very handy palette that has a mirror, small tweezer and a small brush making it more convenient to put inside my makeup bag.

Which is your favorite drugstore eyebrow makeup brand?


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