Beauty – My Funny First Experience Using Eylure False Eyelashes

Eylure False Eyelashes Beauty Review


Sharing with you, my personal first-time experience to using Eylure False Eyelashes featuring PRO Lash individuals and Naturals no. 20.

I am a newbie in the false eyelashes game since I only started wearing them when I attended my friend’s wedding last December 2014. I have this idea in mind that they are very tricky to apply on as well as removing them.

To say the least, I’ve always thought that false eyelashes have always been a mystery to me. So I’ve always skipped the aisle of false eyelashes every time I go to the drugstore.

But of course, there is always a first. So, I bought my first Eylure Pro-Lash Individuals and try them on.

It comes with each lashes in different sizes starting from the shortest to the longer length. It also includes an adhesive and remover tube inside its box.

When I got home, I find myself just staring at the box, sitting down with a cup of tea and figuring out “How the heck I am going to put them on?!”.  I’ve watched tons of YouTube “How To” videos before I put it on myself. And yes, my assumption was right! It is truly a stressful putting this bad boy on for a newbie like me.

Beauty – My Funny First Experience Using Eylure False Eyelashes

Dilemmas: The adhesive was sticking all over my eyelids. Individual lashes going 360 degrees places but not where I want them to stay. I got poked by a tweezer several times. Pain is definitely beautiful! Plus, it is so tiny that I’ve lost some of it in the air. Then without luck, I gave up.

Never say never! I head on to Boots the next day and got my second one, which is The Eylure False Eyelashes Naturals No. 020.

I thought this should have been a lot easier to apply on as I only need to stick one string of false eyelashes each eyelid instead of doing it individually. And voila! Patience has bear its fruit!

Practice makes perfect. So even if I was only staying at home in my pajamas, I’d still had them on until I perfect it before my friend’s wedding day.

I don’t know but on the day of the wedding, I’ve opted to wear the individual lashes with ease. I find it is more dramatic, girly and sexy look on my eyes than the naturals no.20.

Beauty – My Funny Personal Introduction To Eylure False Eyelashes

Applying false eyelashes is a total game changer for me! And yes I am a PRO-false eyelashes from now on. I am obsess with it!

False eyelashes cleaning tips: Soaked used eyelashes in a small cup with virgin olive oil for few hours to soften the adhesive. Using your finger, rub off the adhesive gently and then pour a drop of dish washing liquid to remove the oil and left-over mascara ink. Rinse it with warm water then pat dry and store in its box for next your next use.

Do you have a funny first-time experience on putting on false eyelashes by yourself? Which brand do you love the most and kind?


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