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Face paint tutorial tips on how to do easily


Guest Blogger Alice Porter shared with us an easy way to do a mermaid and sparkle face paint tutorial which is perfect for any party occasions.

Ever dreamt of being a mermaid? Well, it could be a lot easier than you think with this quick and easy glitter makeup tutorial. Perfect for a hen do, Halloween, Ibiza or if you simply fancy feeling magical for the day!

How To: Mermaid and Sparkle Face Paint Tutorial

You will need:

– Face and body glitter in pink, purple and/or blue.

– Glitter fix gel

– Face paint in pink, purple and/or blue (Bright pigmented eye shadows work just as well)

– Makeup sponge

– Fishnet tights

– Face and body metallic spray in silver

Mermaid and Sparkle Face Paint Tutorial

Face paint tutorial how to do

Step 1

Make sure you have finished the rest of your makeup and secured your hair back, out of your face before you start. Take the fishnet tights and place them carefully over your head. The holes will create the mermaid scales, so adjust them over your face until you’re happy with their position.

Step 2

Using the sponge, lightly apply the face paint (or eye shadow) in a dabbing motion over your skin, being careful not to move the tights around too much. Focus on applying the face paint to the cheekbones and the forehead. Aim to contour, applying the face paint heavier along the bottom of the cheekbones and closer to the hairline so that it goes from light to dark. You could even add a little highlighter to the top of your cheekbones too. Once you are happy with this step, you could spritz some of the silver metallic sprays over the top to add that extra shimmer effect to your look.

Mermaid and Sparkle Face Paint Tutorial

Step 3

Slowly remove the tights, being careful not to smudge your scales! Now, pick an area where you would like to apply your glitter. This could be one of your temples for example, up into your hairline and trailed a little across your forehead and down towards your cheekbone. Apply some of the glitter fix gel to your chosen area, again in a dabbing motion being careful not to smudge your scales. Use a clean makeup brush or your fingertips to apply glitter over the top of the gel. It may be a good idea to do this section bit by bit so that the gel doesn’t dry before you get a chance to stick the glitter to it. Use as much glitter as you like, the sparklier the better! You could also add some diamantes for that extra glitz and glam.

Step 4

Repeat the above steps on other areas of the body to complete the look. We suggest across the chest and/or on one shoulder and down an arm. Voilà! Your mermaid makeover is complete. When you’re finished being a mermaid, simply remove with soap and warm water.

Have you tried makeup face painting?

What are your beauty secret tips to makeup face painting?

Guest blogger profile:

Alice Porter is an experienced freelance journalist focussing her efforts on health and beauty.

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