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Read guest blogger Peter Minkoff’s must-try fashion resolutions for 2017. This article includes tips and advice to choosing a new fashion style for you to wear this year.

We all make various New Year’s resolution, but mostly these are related to healthier lifestyle, fitness changes and general experiences that we hope to have. While these are all good and dandy, there’s no reason whatsoever not to try something fun and different compared to such serious habit changes.

Not many people realize this, but your fashion style can influence your mood and self-esteem considerably. So, what better way to add a smile on your face than by following through with some interesting fashion resolutions? You probably have something in mind already, but take a look at the following ideas. They might prompt you to seriously think about your image and style.

Must-Try Fashion Resolutions For 2017

Step away from the black!

Yes, there’s no color that’s more elegant and forgiving than black. Still, that’s no excuse for filling up your wardrobe with black garments only. With black layering pieces and basics, you can easily spice up your outfits with some vibrant colors and cool patterns.

Therefore, you don’t need to go out of your way and dress up in brights from head to toe. But the next time you go shopping for some cute tops, forget about black. Other colors would still look great when standing out paired with a black cardigan or dark jeans.

Go with the style you want

Most people have a clear image in their head when it comes to the perfect fashion style they want for themselves. Still, they feel strangely hesitant to own it and rock it as a part of their unique personality. This year is the perfect time to forget about that unnecessary insecurity.

So, say yes to your dream style. And if you think your body shape is not flattering enough for the said style – think again! Thanks to so many companies producing fabulous plus size clothing, you truly can achieve an impeccable look no matter what your preferred style is.

Must-Try Fashion Resolutions For 2017

Never depend on other people

Sometimes people can get stuck with the image others have of them. This resolution is very important for people who give away a certain personality, which is why others expect them to look that way, too. Listen, if you act a bit tomboyish but really like gentle, dolly and princess-like clothing style, go for it!

It doesn’t matter if someone tells you that you don’t act the way you look. The essential thing is that you can act and look however you want. The same goes for those who are a bit shy and gentle by nature but appreciate edgy fashion more than anything else.

Invest when investment is due

Again, this is something we are all guilty of. Opting for cheaper alternatives for clothes and shoes just so that you can have a couple more items in your wardrobe won’t do your wallet too much good in the long run. There’s a reason why it’s always recommended to spend a little more on footwear and outerwear.

Choosing a pair of shoes that would last you a long time, feel comfortable and look amazing after many uses are worth the investment. Aren’t you tired of your sneakers or wedges falling apart after one season or boots that make your feet cold during winter? The same goes for a great coat or jacket. If you want to look great, it’s perfectly fine to invest in timeless designs made of top quality material.

Must-Try Fashion Resolutions For 2017

Do you have some other fashion resolutions for 2017 that you’d like to share? Talking about fashion may seem superficial at first, but in the end, the way you dress is the way you want people to perceive and accept you.

In that respect, there’s not that many things that are more personal than your fashion style. With an interesting change in your outfits, you’re bound to find energy for sticking to some other, more energy-consuming resolutions as well.

Guest blogger profile:

Peter is a lifestyle writer at Shlur magazine from UK, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia! Besides writing, he worked as a fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & AUS! His future plans are in creating a business for beauty and style advising.

Follow: Peter Minkoff on Twitter


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