Beauty – A Few of My Favorites in March 2016

Favorites in March 2016 Beauty Review


Favorites in March 2016 – Here a few of my favorite things I have loved lately! It includes some drugstore beauty products and treats.

Before April fool’s day, I have a few favourite affordable beauty products and other things that I have obsessed about almost every day that I couldn’t keep my hands off and I would like to share with you.

Rimmel London Rita Ora’s Wild-Er-Ness Nail Polish (£2.99)

This is a soft lilac nail polish colour shade that is very pretty on the nails. The color shade reminded me of an ice cream flavour that is so lavish and lush. It’s got a medium wide sized brush applicator that covers most of the nail area in one go. I carried it in my bag for when I needed a top up and it is easy and hassle free as it dries up quickly in no time. That’s what I love about this nail polish, simple and straight to the point. It stayed on my nails for a good 7-10 days before the paint started to chip.

Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation (£7.99)

I may have rambled a lot about this foundation lately but only because I really like it! It sets in as a beautiful matte on the face with a healthy glow after effect. If you like,, here’s a more detailed review of this great foundation. Click this link here.

Favorites in March 2016 – A Few of My Favorite Things Lately!

Women Mitchum Anti Perspirant and Deodorant (£3.20)

It does what it should and I am loving its lovely and very comfortable powdery scent that smelling fresh all day long. Some anti perspirants build up a dark shadow on the armpit the more you use it but this doesn’t do that. It is non-irritating on the skin even when you’ve just freshly shaved or waxed. I highly recommend this to everyone to try. It is very affordable and worth every penny!

Makeup Revolution One Pound Lipstick Shade Dazzle (£1.00)

If you would like to read my earlier review about this product and see other shades I featured, click this link. I am in the mood of wearing a bright, pinkish coral-red shade at the moment and this is just perfect and suited for a Spring lip wear look!

Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolates (£1.00)

I have craved for these mini eggs almost everyday! Love the pastel colours of this chocolate mini eggs. I couldn’t help but throw it in my mouth every now and then as it tastes oh so good! This is not beauty related product, but honestly, I won’t make up my mind about this one as this is sinfully delightful!

Favorites in March 2016 – A Few of My Favorite Things Lately!

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash (£2.66)

I love using this one during colder months as my skin tends to get drier. The soft tiny scrub exfoliates the skin with its tiny scrub particles without irritating and does not leave my skin red. At the same time it controls produce of oil and shines on my face. Some exfoliating scrubs are drying on skin but this one does not. In fact, it leaves my skin soft and hydrated feel after wash and all throughout the day. I highly recommend this to every one to try to see it for yourself!

Next stop will be April. C’mon April, I hope you will be as good and if not better than my March has been!

Have you ever used any of these beauty products? Which one is your favorite?

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