Skincare – Beauty Freebies From Online Survey

Beauty freebies via online survey


I got 2 beauty freebies from online survey the other day. I thought online surveys are hoax and a waste of time. Until recently…

A pop up window showed up on my screen the other day and says: “You are the winner of iPhone 6s FREE”. No! Not again!

Whenever I see a pop window like this, I always look for the X button to closed it down. But I couldn’t find it this time. Usually x buttons are visibly. Nowadays, x buttons are either a shadow print or showed in a very small font size that only ants can read.

Skincare – Beauty Freebies From Online Survey

I had to go through the survey questions one by one to get over with the survey. Thank heavens, all the questions are very basic.

• Do you have an aol email address?
Duh! Yes.

•Are you a Female or Male?
A-huh! Female.

•How would you rate AOL site from 1-10? 10 being the highest.
Okay 10 is very generous! 8.

•Would you recommend AOL to your friends and families?
Whatever! Yes.

As soon as I hit the enter button.. Bam!

“You’ve just won a prize! Select which one you would like to receive!”

Now you’re talking my language! I have to pick one among three prizes: diet pills, or a disposable razor blade shaver, and or the Retinolla Age defying. I’ve picked the last one.

Skincare – Beauty Freebies From Online Surveys

Retinolla Age Defying which is originally retailed for £89.95 and postage fee is £4.95. Great Scott!

When I was ready to check out, I am offered another premium beauty freebies:

Revoluxe 24K Gold Serum retailed for £35.00. I must be dreaming!

I have the option that if I get these two I will only pay postage for £3.97 each. So of course I want it. So there goes my money. But I am happy to spent £7.94 for two beauty products against £124.95.

I feel like Kylie Minogue singing “I should be lucky” after I checked out. It took one week before I got my package via post. I am pleased to see that the products do not look cheap and that I was not scammed online.

Just like when I got this freebie. My expectation was high and it didn’t fail me, too!

Perhaps the next time you see a survey window on AOL, don’t shut the window down. It could be your turn to get lucky!

Have you received any beauty freebies via answering online survey before?

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