Beauty Review – These Are The Beauty Products Inside My Friend Makeup Bag

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Do you want to know what is inside my friend makeup bag? Click to find out her favorite beauty products and her simple beauty regime everyday.

What’s so cool about hijacking your friend’s makeup bag is that you get to uncover their most kept beauty secret, plus you get to see their blank face as soon as they found out what you have done, watching them scratching their head and seeing those pearly white teeth, smiling back at you!

They go “unwillingly” give up even though in their mind, they wanted to hit you hard with their brolly. I love it!

I hijacked my friend Jenny’s makeup bag the other night and I can say that things got more interesting with her as I got to see all the beauty things she carries everyday, as well as uncovering her secret makeup routine in full details. *wink-wink

Beauty Review – These Are The Beauty Products Inside My Friend Makeup Bag

Her pretty makeup bag is a white pouch she bought at TK Maxx.

She uses the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Powder in shade Sand as her go-to base instead of a foundation. Jenny has an oily skin and this powder has always saved her ass undoubtedly. She uses powder everyday as it is less time consuming and quicker to re-apply anytime, anywhere. But for parties and special occasions, she would always apply on a foundation for a better coverage and beautiful finish.

For blusher, she has two pot blusher inside her makeup bag.

1. Bourjois Pot Blush – Healthy Mix
This is a light coral shade which she usually puts on during daytime as she prefers to have a subtle color on her cheeks when the sunlight hits her face.

2. Bourjois Pot Blusher – Rose Ambre
This is a dark rose shade blusher which she would put on during night time for a good lighting reflection on her cheeks.

Beauty Review – These Are The Beauty Products Inside My Friend Makeup Bag

Well, well, well! I didn’t know she has some makeup plan ready depending on different time of the day.

She carries with her two lipsticks all the time.

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick – Siren in Scarlet
This is a beautiful, matte red lipstick which is super pigmented. It is in a creamy, rich formulation which makes it moisturizing on lips. I really like the vibrancy and lushness of this red lipstick shade. It exudes dramatic sexiness on the lips which will make any man’s head turn around. So lusty!

2. Maybelline Color Sensational- Craving Coral
The color pay-off of this lipstick is very full on and it is a pretty coral shade. It glides on very smoothly on lips (on my part, it glided smoothly on my wrist) and it gives a finer, smoother reflection on skin after application.

She has always kept two lipsticks in her bag for any last minute pouting on a night out. These two shades are perfect for any time and any season wear. I thought, that was a very impressive organizational skill in a beauty routine. (Okay. I have to level up my game then!)

Beauty Review – These Are The Beauty Products Inside My Friend Makeup Bag

Mascara. Yep! The lady carries two all the time! (Whats up with this carrying two all the time?)

1. Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express
She apply this on her lashes everyday. She said she liked it because it gives her that full on volume she wanted. (Oh yes, she is Asian. See? We have the same drama!)

2. Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Waterproof

She said she would opt on using this mascara on days when the weather is gloomy and raining. (Really?) She swears by this mascara as it has been tried and tested that it really stayed on her lashes during (all the time!) rainy days, summer (when it gets sweaty and humid) and those special moments when she feels overwhelmed with happiness and crying with tears is inevitable. (I wonder if she knows when these “special moments” are going to happen on the day, so she would apply this special effect mascara beforehand?) Okay, I am jealous! My friend knows her drill! *sad, winky face

Rimmel London Brow This Way – Dark Brown
She would normally use the dark brown wax shade as her eyeliner. She said it gives her a more defined and smoky eye liner look, especially on a party night out.

Beauty Review – These Are The Beauty Products Inside My Friend Makeup Bag

Estee Lauder Intense Kajal Eye Liner – Blackened Black
There are times when she would normally use this on her brows that greatly pair in with her Asian black hairs and times when she will use the Rimmel London Brow This Way dark brown powder shade.

Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose Perfume
It was a gift from her son for her birthday and she loves it sweet, a bit musky, but girly scent.

Nail clipper, hair bands, hair clips, tweezer and makeup brush.
Typical lady! I believe every girl has most of this things and other more bits and bobs in their makeup bag to do pretty.

What have I learned from this hijacking business?

Seize the day! Stay pretty and always be prepared for any unexpected happenings for the day. Like I’ve said before, one can never have too much makeup collections to beautify ourselves.

Right! I will try to hijack another friend’s bag again and do a feature. Didn’t know how fun it was to doing this as I get to uncover their most kept beauty secrets. (Might be copying some of the tips I’ve learned for my personal trick!) *me battling my Asian eye lashes.

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