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Beauty Box – Why Is Glossybox November 2016 Sexy?

glossybox november 2016 beauty box review


Why is Glossybox November 2016 sexy?

While I am slumped on the couch and watching Insidious last night, I finally got to thinking the right title for this month’s Glossybox. I can’t figured out the connection between Insidious and sexy beauty box, so don’t ask. But I can definitely say why Glossybox November can make you look gorgeous and feel sexy. Why it can boost you confidence and make you want to party! Here’s why:

Beauty Box – Why Is Glossybox November 2016 Sexy?

1. Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Raspberry Rain Disposable Razors RRP £5.69

“Flawless legs are sexy!”

I am an avid user of this razor brand ever since. So when I saw it in the box, I was happy. That means less shopping items for me in my next drugstore visit. Top tip: I apply an aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and to counteract itchiness when hair starts growing after a few days of shaving.

2. De Bruyere Beaute Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bubble 07 RRP €15.00

“Smokey eye makeup look means sexy eyes!”

I am a smokey eye makeup girl all the way! You will see me in a party with a bold smokey eye makeup look. I love that it this is regular size eye shadow pencil and not just sample size. This is super pigmented, easy to blend, and a gorgeous bronze shade perfect for a smouldering smokey eye look. I love it!

3. Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush RRP €8.00

“A flawless and well blended eyeshadow makeup is sexy”

Yay, to a new makeup brush! The bristles are soft and less dense so it blends the eye shadow makeup flawlessly. Honestly, I get excited when I receive a makeup brush. So amen to this one!

Beauty Box – Why Is Glossybox November 2016 Sexy?

4. Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray RRP £9.95

“Soft beach curls hair-do is sexy”

I sound like a broken record now to you, but I will still say it nevertheless. I very seldom style my hair. Boring, yes! I always have it down, always flat and straight. Even if I curl them they still look flat unless I use a volumising hair spray to pump up some life to it. So I was happy to see this thickening hair spray in this month’s Glossybox so I can try something new. It promises to give my roots some oomph boost it needed and I love the idea of it. Say hello to va va boom party hair and goodbye boring hairstyle!

5. 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask RRP £20.00

“Soft, silky, flawless and fresh looking skin is sexy”

It doesn’t matter if you wear makeup or not if you are confident with your skin, you’re very much good to go. Aside from other beauty regimen that I do, I try to add face mask too in my routine as much as possible, as I love the effect it does to my skin. Though, I am saving this one for a very special occasion, as this costs a banging £20.00 a piece! Omigosh! You heard it right, sister! God knows what miracle this luxurious face mask will do to my skin, ei! But I am very itching to put this on every time I see it peeking through the box. Do you know a cure for itchy hands? *wink

Beauty Box – Why Is Glossybox November 2016 Sexy?

6. Raffaello Chocolate

“Chocolates are sexy!”

Anything will turn out good when there’s chocolate. And so they say. This white chocolate wrapped with desiccated coconut is delicious! And me like it!

I am very happy to received this sexy Glossybox. I thought it is a well planned party prep beauty box that will help you feel pretty, feel sexy and be more confident while having a good time partying.

What is in your beauty party prep kits?

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