Beauty – Men’s Grooming Kit And Regime

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I was watching my husband the other day getting ready for work and as soon as he picks up his grooming kit, an inspiration had struck me…

Beauty is not only for women. Men too have their own beauty favourites and beauty tips. It’s just that we women are more vocal about our passion to anything beauty related more than men do.

I am writing this post because I would like to share with you the beauty secrets of my husband, and perhaps you too can share it with your partner. Or you get an idea on what to get for your husband, father, brother, boyfriend or friends as a gift.

My husband’s grooming regime is very easy and quick. He doesn’t take too long to get ready and he is out of the door in a blink. John uses affordable grooming products. He does not mind if it is expensive or not, as long as it works for him then it is okay.

Beauty – Men’s Grooming Kit And Regime

This is my husband’s beauty secrets and tips:

• Haircut – once every two weeks. Clipper size is .5 all over. He also has his eye brows trimmed by a barber.

• John never had a “mani-pedi” salon experience. But he just trims his nails with a clipper and that’s it!

• He uses Dove Men + Care Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. This smells like powdery fresh scent and I love it!

• Shaving- he usually trims/shaves his beard with a blade size 3.5 and normally does this once a week. Ideally he would use a shaving balm. But most of the times he just splashes some water on his face before shaving.

• He uses ‘Collezione Iconic’ eau de toilette or the mighty Christian Dior that I bought him for his birthday as his aftershave.

Beauty – Men’s Grooming Kit And Regime

• He washes his face after showering once a day and in the morning.

• For moisturiser he uses Dove Men + Care Moisturizer Hydrate. John tried other moisturizer brand too but this one is his latest favourite. He said he likes this so much! He massage this on his face and on his head. This got a SPF 15 factor. It’s got a nice light fresh smell and give his skin a good moisturising effect.

• Botanics Men’s Eye Roll On to give his under eye some love and T.L.C.

• He uses Nivea Men Face, Body Hands Creme and or the Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector when he’s feeling a little dry on his hands and body.

• When his lips gets dry, he uses Vaselline lip petroleum jelly.

And when I can persuade him when I do my at home facial mask, he is having one too!

This is a fun fact: I like trimming his nose hair too *hee hee though he finds it uncomfortable and ticklish. It’s not gross! That’s my treatment to my husband when I want to pamper him myself. After all, that’s what love can do!

What is your man’s grooming kit and regime?

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