Lifestyle – A Girl’s Guide to Autumn Outdoor Fitness

Guide to Autumn Outdoor Fitness Lifestyle tips


Guest Blogger Peter Minkoff is sharing with us some helpful guide to autumn outdoor fitness. Read his top tips in how we can still stay fit this autumn.

It happens every year; the fall surprises us with a galloping velocity and we suddenly have to change everything about our lives, i.e. all we’ve been enjoying for the previous four summer months – from changing our entire wardrobe, to changing our skincare regimens and, ultimately, switching it up on our workout routine. Oh, well.

One of the biggest adjustments in these season changes is the workout routine – for some reason, the moment it gets just a tad colder, we rush back into the gym and forget all about the health benefits of working out outside. Hey, let’s not do that this time around! We say we should push the envelope and find amazing ways to stay outside at least till mid fall and enjoy every second of it.

We are laying out some of our favorite ways to blast calories outside, get the most of your workout and have fun in the process. Check it out!

Lifestyle – A Girl’s Guide to Autumn Outdoor Fitness


Have you decided or do you think you’ve decided? That’s right. Our mind often plays little tricks on us making us think we want one thing when, indeed, we want something totally opposite. Before you swear you’ll endure your fall workout, have an honest talk with yourself and see if that’s what you really want – or you’re just saying it to impress your trainer.

If you don’t want to go forward, stop reading this post now; if you do – we encourage you to continue.

Make a plan

Now that you know you are committed, make a plan. After all, all good things in life start with a plan and if you stick to it, you’ll be having your bikini body all throughout the cold fall and winter days.

Draw a schedule – set the times and days when you’ll be hitting the track outside and find no excuses to skip the dates.

Consult with your trainer

If you’ve been replacing your gym workouts for swimming, jogging, running, volleyball at the beach, hiking and other outdoor activities all during summer, consult with your trainer on ways to upgrade your outdoor sessions by having them assign you some more difficult, fall-adapted workouts. After all, the weather is colder and you’ll hardly be able to jog around in your swimsuit, swim for long hours or hit the beach for volleyball sessions.

Talk, make an intense workout plan and enjoy it. If your trainer is up for it – you can go workout together outside, with them giving you workout challenges to master. This can be very exciting!

Lifestyle – A Girl’s Guide to Autumn Outdoor Fitness

Make it fashionable

A little fashion hasn’t hurt anyone, and why should it hurt your fitness? If anything, you’ll only find it more stimulating to actually use all the fabulous fitness clothing you’ve bought, right? Plus, the fitter you get, the better you’ll look in your athleisure wear, so there’s additional motivation right there.

The current fitness trends have embraced colorful and graphic prints in leggings, cropped tops and turtleneck fitness overcoats, see-through leggings for ladies who are looking to flaunt their toned bodies and slimming waist cinchers for some fabulous curve. Quality sneaks are still a must, of course – you can experiment with Yeezy-like styles for show or go for simple fitness designs – it’s up to you.

Mind your health

Last but not least – health! Since you’ll be working out outside with the weather getting gradually colder as we speak, you must make it a priority to stay healthy:

  • Dress in layers
  • Wear lip balm
  • Have warm socks on
  • Wear a cap
  • Wear winter ear warmers
  • Don’t work out straight post-shower or with your hair wet
  • Wear gloves (if it’s too cold)

Good luck with your outdoor workout, doll; don’t let anybody distract you from keeping that body smokin’ hot!

What are your helpful guide to autumn outdoor fitness?

Guest Blogger Profile:

Peter is a lifestyle writer at Shlur magazine from UK, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia! Beside writing he worked as a fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & AUS! His future plans are in creating a business for beauty and style advising.

Follow: Peter Minkoff on Twitter

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