Lifestyle – Holloween’s Friday Night Lights Out That Was

lights out - a holloween lifestyle post


One Friday night, my husband showed me the trailer of the film “Lights Out” on YouTube, and guess what, OMG! Who is that?

Do you like reading scary books? Or watch scary films? Do you like surprises? Because I do!

Whenever we plan on watching a film, I always ask my husband if there is a horror film we can see. Or whenever I search on Google for a book to read, my search bar will always read psychological thriller. Of course, I love the other genres as well, but if you ask me what my preference is, then it would have to be horror, thriller and suspense.

The husband showed me the other day the trailer of the film “Lights Out” on YouTube, and guess what, OMG! Who is that? I am left gobsmacked and at the same time feeling a little deprived, as I was wanting to watch more. So everyday, I would ask the husband when’s the movie out, because WE are going to watch it. Yes! I said we. And guess what? We did!

Have you seen it? Oh em gee! Right?

Lifestyle – Holloween’s Friday Night Lights Out That Was

How is the film? Oh, it was scary good! Of course, we’ve had a couple of jumpy moments *especially the husband, and the “what the efs” between us, but we actually liked it! The good thing about watching a good horror films is that, it plays up your mind. You get the adrenalin rush you wanted, and your brain works like maniac. I am never a fun of gore films anyhow. I think they are disgusting.

Initial impression: We thought the preview on YouTube has given out so much of the story line already, and obviously the title is a total give away. Even so, we still itch for to watching it and for certain, we get chills down our body as the story builds up. We say “Lights Out” is haunting and thrilling!

They turn the lights off, then the scary black lady with glow in the dark eyes showed up. Maybe next time, think about turning off your lights, and what or who do you see in there? Nothing? Good then!

Lifestyle – Holloween’s Friday Night Lights Out That Was

However, I don’t like surprises because I get frightened easily. My hubby would always hide behind the door whenever he know I am on my way up. He plans to surprise me as a joke, or sometimes he will just stand behind the door, and if I didn’t know he was there, I would be screaming to see him there and get hysterical.

Sometimes it happens unintentionally, he would be walking in the room and if I am doing something in the kitchen, then turned around he was there, I would be scared. I always tell him “Please don’t do that!” or “Make some noises when you are walking towards me or something!”. Too bad he never remembers!

Would I recommend the film to you? Yes! Go on watch it! I am sure you will like it!

It’s Halloween soon, who would you be this time?

What can make you feel really spooky or scary?

Have you seen Lights Out?



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