Beauty Review – Drugstore Hit And Miss Mini Haul

hit and miss mini haul beauty review


Sharing with you my latest hit and miss mini haul review of Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner and Soap and Glory Sugar Crush. Find out which one I scored hit and which one is a miss.

Last Friday, I was given a complementary VIP pass by my friend Kate Torralba to watch her play piano and sing at The Rooftop Gardens Kensington High Street. It was my first time at the venue and it was a jampacked concert! I really enjoyed it! You can check out her album “Long Overdue” on @AppleMusic.

Beauty Review – Drugstore Hit And Miss Mini Haul

I only need to do a little top-up as I already did my makeup earlier the day. But I forgot to bring my Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Liner thus I had to go and get one at Boots! I decided to get a different brand to try out. And since I am loving the recent Seventeen cosmetics that my husband gave me, I headed on to the Seventeen stand and got their Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black which is retailed for £3.99.

It claimed:
Effortlessly precise, slick, and smooth. Holds for up to 25 hours.

The tip is so precise and the pen is so easy to glide on. It sweep off as wet and dries up as matte black colour. Yes! It came off as black not grey nor charcoal shade. Applying on a liquid eye liner has never been easy for me. My hands get wobbly and I get a bit scared in case I poke my eye.

I know I only created a very simple wing liner and perhaps you may say its nothing. But if I can create a simple line and wing, I take it as my achievement already. I’ve managed to do it with this liquid eye liner beauty with no fuss! Have applied two coats then I was ready to go!

I’ve waited until the first coat dries up before applying on another one. We were out for a good 4-5 hours and my eye liner was still intact! It was so easy to remove it with a wet wipes too.

I have faith in this one! Several more trials and if it still does well like the first time, my liquid eye liner dilemma no more!! This is definitely a “HIT” for me! And would recommend this to anyone who are in the hunt for a quality and affordable liquid eye liner. Maybe this one is for you!

Beauty Review – Drugstore Hit And Miss Mini Haul

I’ve always been a fan of Soap and Glory products especially my Soaper Star (review link on the name). So before going to the cashier and pay, I did a little peeking on their aisle and saw their body sprays. Decided to get one and give it a try. Bought the Soap and Glory Body Spray – Sugar Crush (£4.00).

I had a little spray of the tester on my hands and I decided I liked it already. It has a sweet citrus scent which is very appealing to me. When I got back in the office, I did another spray and I find the scent quite overwhelming. It was very, very sweet which is a little intoxicating for me.

I prefer cologne and body sprays more than a perfume and when I saw this, I just had to get it. After all, it is Soap and Glory! Don’t get me wrong, it smells good but it is too much for my liking. Good thing, I only sprayed it up in the air so it didn’t sprayed on me. The room smells of a very sweet candy shop.

Only it was too overpowering, too sickly to smell. It stayed on for hours and it vaporizes (not until later) to a sweet light scent. I have to say this is a “MISS” product buys for me as I didn’t really enjoy it as much as their other Soap and Glory products.

Beauty Review – Drugstore Hit And Miss Mini Haul

If anyone could tell me a hack to make the sweet scent a bit lighter, please let me know as I still would like to give this a try. Maybe mix some water into the solution? Or perhaps the tester has already dispersed its original scent? I don’t know, I am just guessing here. Please help me, I am desperate for this one.

Which beauty product made it to your hit and miss haul?

hit and miss mini haul

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