Beauty Review – My H&M Mini Beauty Hauls

H&M Mini Beauty Hauls


Here are the beauty things that make it to my H&M mini beauty hauls. Find out what I think about it, and if it is even worth your money too!

Hi ladies! Do you love shopping at H&M? It’s because I do. I love shopping or even window shopping at H&M for all seasonal clothing. Thus, when they published the news last year that they were going to release new and many more beauty products in stores, I went giddy as I have another reason to go to H&M.

Beauty Review – My H&M Mini Beauty Hauls

I love shopping clothes at H&M as I find them all trendy, cute, wearable and at the same time affordable. It is one of my go-to shop when I need to do shopping for an occasional dress and I never leave without a shopping bag with me.

I went to H&M Knightsbridge branch and got my hands on some of its beauty products. Sadly, there were barely a couple of beauty items available in the store at that time, so I had to get the best of what I could get when I was there. Next time, I will definitely look into the other bigger branch for the latest H&M beauty range or better yet, I will just do online shopping.

I was a bit disappointed as I thought I would bag new and nice ones thinking it was in Knightsbridge. Nonetheless, I had to cure the itch of buying so here’s what I brought home along with me:

Beauty Review – My H&M Mini Beauty Hauls

H&M Eyebrow Kit – Brown Shade
This is a slightly lighter tint for my brows. This is perfect for those who have fair skin/blond. Nevertheless, I must say that the color pigmentation is very impressive for an affordable price of £2.99.

It has three shades inside which are: mocha brown, light brown and the wax and it comes with a small angled brush and a spooley.

H&M Volume Mascara – Black
I love it’s rose gold metal packaging, very fashionable! I love the applicator brush of this mascara which is not too fine nor too wide. Though, I must admit I had to apply a couple of strokes on my eyelashes to make my desired volume. I was okay with that. It is a really handy mascara and great for everyday use just for the priced of £2.99.

H&M Lip Gloss – Maroon Kiss
It has a sweet, berry scent without smelling too overpowering and uncomfortable. If I had to dig deeper and really know the taste, it has a very teeny weeny taste like of plastic, but it is not a worry at all.

It leaves a very nice glossy shine and very light wear which is perfect for everyday use. All that for an affordable price of £1.99. It also leaves a slight tint of maroon/berry color like you see on the tube. This can be worn on its own, making your lippy looking lush.

Beauty Review – My H&M Mini Beauty Hauls

H&M Lip Gloss – Glam Disco
This one has a hint of old rose scent. Again, if I had to dig deeper and really know the taste, it has a very teeny weeny taste like of plastic, but it is not a worry at all.

Just like the one above, It leaves a nice glossy shine, very light wear, leaves a nude pink shine color on your lips, it can be worn on its own and it is very affordable at £1.99.

H&M Pedicure Kit
It was funny since I was planning to go to Boots after I’m done at H&M as I need to buy another pair of nail cutters. I seemed to be misplacing mine all the time. So when I saw this hanging on the rack, I was definitely sure I needed one, right there and then. Affordable price at £1.99.

Honestly, if only they had other beauty products as well as new beauties available in the shop at that time that I could get, I would.

Visit H&M website to check out more of their beauty products you can buy.

Link Here: H&M Beauty

Have you got your H&M Beauty too?

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