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Holiday Safety Travel Road Tips


Here are some holiday safety travel road tips for you to have a safer and enjoyable vacation together with all the people you love this holiday season.

Holidays are coming! Only 9 more days to go before the celebration begins! I can’t explain how excited I am for Christmas.

When I was a kid, I always look forward to Christmases and New Years. Everywhere I go, I see many happy people faces and it makes me happy watching them, too. Both kids and adults are rejoicing, partying, and spending time with their families and friends. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Last year, John and I went out for a Christmas Eve dinner date after we’ve done our Christmas shopping. I know… were both terrible at leaving shopping for gifts at the last minute. I don’t know why but we usually do.

In the morning of Christmas day, John and I would start our day by going to the church to say our prayers and give thanks to the Lord. Then, we’ll get to my mother-in-law’s house and join the family celebrates Christmas.

We would do our exchange gifts and catch-ups, children will be playing Xbox and ps4, while the adults are busy cooking and preparing the dinner table. We’ll usually have our Christmas dinner by 5pm. Then, we’ll play family charades later the night.

But this year, it will be different. We’ve managed to do all our shopping last week. And for Christmas day, the family have all agreed to spend our first Christmas together in the city! Although we love our traditional Christmas routine, we decided it’s best to have relaxing holidays and one of a kind festive atmosphere away from home.

If you are planning to go away this holiday, or if you are going to do long drive to the countryside, make sure you are all physically ready for the season as well as your vehicle.

Here Are Some Holiday Safety Travel Road Tips For An Enjoyable and Stress-Free Holidays

1. Plan your holidays and journey ahead of time. Check any travel news like road blocks and disruptions happening in your destination. Program your tom-tom the night before and bring your A-Z road map for reference. Print out your travel route in advance, too. And make sure to leave on time so you can follow your set itinerary for the day and avoid any delays in your journey.

2. Get the designated driver and your vehicle insured for the period of your vacation dates.

3. Make certain your vehicle is physically ready for the long ride. You may need to take it to the service center a week in advance to make sure it is good to go. The weather varies in different places, so might as well check your automobile is weatherproof ready before you begin your journey.

4. Don’t forget to pack emergency car tools with you. As well as a fully charged spare battery, extra petrol or gasoline, flashlights and spare tires. Many road accidents are related to using unreliable, second-hand, and or fake tires brand. Don’t chance your safety and your whole family on board.

Holiday Safety Travel Road Tips – Simple Tyre Check-Up Guide You Need To Know

Before traveling, make certain to check the tyre treads. Tyre treads are designed to secure it’s grip-ability to the road. Hence, make sure it is within the minimum legal depth before you use your automobile for any long drive plans this holiday. Check for stones, gravel and some extraneous things that get stacked on the tyre tread to avoid getting it flat. Double check if the tyres have cracks, slits, and holes, as well. The tyres need to be seriously check-up or replaced if you seemed to be pumping air into it more than the usual. Make certain you are using the same tyre size and make all throughout. Keep the same emergency spare tyre, too.

If you are unsure about this, consult an independent tyres dealer like Point-S.*

“Point-S UK is part of Europe’s leading group of independent professional tyre dealers with over 3000 depots across 28 countries.”

Remember, getting the correct tyres and having it check-up by a guaranteed tyres dealer is a very important task to do before you make any journey this holiday season.

5. Pack a spare mobile phone with you and make sure it is fully charged. Look into getting a power bank, too. Keep a list of car service telephone numbers, police, doctor, etc in a notebook or saved on your phone all the time.

Easy Ways To Holiday Safety Travel Road Tips

6. Plan some family games that the kids will enjoy while you’re all on the go. Travelling with children can be a little tricky. Put in their travelling bag their favorite toy or books to read, or save children shows on their iPad before your journey. In our family, both kids and adults love playing “I spy with my own eyes” games.

7. Do not exhaust yourself to driving. Stop by any service center you will see when you are on the motorway as much as possible, so you can all have a little break, can do some stretching and freshening up if you need to.

8. Please do not drink and drive. If you have plans on going somewhere or touring the place, and you had a little or too much to drink, then it is advisable for you to rent a cab or ask someone else to drive for you. Don’t risk it!

9. Pack bottles of drinking water. If you feel like napping while driving, drink up some water. You need to increase oxygen to stimulate your senses and body. A lot of my friends who drives can swear by these works.

10. Last but not the least, remember, it’s the busiest time of the year. Almost everyone is out on the street or travelling to their family, and partying on the streets. Make sure you keep your calm, keep your eyes focused on the road and be mindful of the people who are out and about too. Be forgiving, understanding and patient. Stay merry!

10 No-Fuss Holiday Safety Travel Road Tips

Preparation is the key to a safer journey on the road and enjoying the holidays with your families and friends away from home.

Where are you spending your holiday vacation this year?

*This post is sponsored by Point-S. All opinions are my own.


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