Lifestyle – 5 Great Ideas For Summer Backyard Parties

Ideas For Summer Backyard Parties


Here are some great ideas for summer backyard parties, guaranteed to give you the coolest and stress free backyard parties of your life!

Summer is here and with the warm weather come outdoor activities. There is no better way to enjoy this beautiful season than by organizing an outdoor party. Invite some friends, prepare the backyard, and enjoy the night. But before all that, you have to think of an idea for the party. Here are some of my ideas that might just be the thing you are looking for in order to have the perfect summer party.

Lifestyle – 5 Great Ideas For Summer Backyard Parties

1. Alfresco cocktail party

Cocktails are the perfect refreshment on a hot summer day, but also at night. If you are thinking about inviting your friends over for a night in, this might just be the perfect solution for you. An alfresco cocktail party is a great way to have a relaxing summer night. Set up some good looking lawn chairs and Tiki torches, and prepare the cocktail menu. If you are feeling especially creative, you can come up with an original cocktail recipe. Include your favorite spirit, some fruit juice, and plenty of ice. Don’t forget to name the cocktail of the night after the host.

2. Casual barbecue

Ideas For Summer Backyard Parties Food

What is more summery than a barbecue? I am yet to meet a person who can imagine summer without barbecue and I know a few who love this season just because of it. So before you go all crazy with different ideas for never-before-seen parties, consider a casual barbecue. It is a great summer party idea. Pick a weekend and invite your friends over. You will have a casual outdoor get-together, have some fun in the sun, and enjoy a great homemade barbecue. You can even have a cook-off if you have some competitive barbecuers in your group of friends.

Lifestyle – 5 Great Ideas For Summer Backyard Parties

3. Outdoor gourmet dining

If you and your friends enjoy a good dinner, you should make a special feast for your summer get-together. The best way to have a dinner that will taste good and look good is to hire an expert. There is a spike in demand for a private chef in London every summer. So take a cue from the British and host a night filled with great food and fun. With an expert at the kitchen table, you are all bound to have a night of amazing dining not unlike the ones in high-end restaurants, but the location of the party will make it possible for you to relax and stay as long as you want.

4. Cinema under the stars

Ideas For Summer Backyard Parties Entertainment

This one goes out for all the cinephiles out there. Summer nights are perfect for enjoying a good movie with your friends. However, going to the cinema and closing yourself in a dark room on a lovely summer evening is not exactly the perfect way to spend your free time. Instead, why not have you own private screening? All you need is a projector, which you can rent out. Clear out the backyard, add some blankets and pillows, spread a white sheet for the screen, and watch a movie in style. You can pick something new or a classic -whatever the choice, you are guaranteed to enjoy this evening.

Lifestyle – 5 Great Ideas For Summer Backyard Parties

5. Keep mosquitoes away

Okay, this is not exactly a party idea but it is something you should have in mind whenever you are hosting an outdoor party. You can have the best idea, make all the arrangements, and still have a party go bust, all because of those pesky mosquitoes. So be prepared. Get rid of any standing water in your backyard at least a week before the party – it is their breeding ground. You can also plug in some fans for the party. Mosquitoes are weak flyers so the fans will keep them away, and they will keep you and your guests cool. Finally, after you’re done with all this, you’ll be ready for the best summer party ever, so go out and have fun!

What are some of your great ideas for summer backyard parties?

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