Lifestyle – 12 Iphone Apps I Use For Blogging

Iphone apps I use for blogging - life update


Believe it or not, there are 12 Iphone apps I use for blogging. Yes I write as I go! That’s how I roll. Afterall, I’ve got more than I need on my iphone.

Most of the times, you would see me heads down and round-the-clock fiddling on my iphone. Nope! I am not playing Best Fiends or Candy Crush… I am doing my blog!

I can relate myself to the ‘blogger of the modern world’ as you would often see me on-the-go. Inspirations mostly hit me whenever I am outside and while travelling. Yes I write as I go and that’s how I roll!

To keep up with my blogging and all other things, I make use of the smartness of my iPhone. Afterall, I’ve got more than I need in it.

Lifestyle – 12 Iphone Apps I Use For Blogging

For blog post drafting and saving it for later, I don’t use just one app. I use three! Just because one notepad is not enough.

• Supernote

This is where all my blog post writing, drafting, save for later happens. This app has 4 color coded pages which I use for the following categories:

– Yellow for Lifestyle Post
– Pink for Beauty Post
– Green for Miscellaneous like blog post title ideas, things to do, etc etc
– Blue for Youtube video ideas

• Evernote

I used this app to store all of my online passwords, social media accounts, blog theme layout ideas and my monthly schedule planner.

• IDo-Notepad

I use this app to store/save all of my published blog post links for easy reference when I am writing a draft post and I want to link it to my old post. I also sectioned it according to my post categories.

• Dictionary

I suppose we all need help from time to time and this app has been my greatest point, for reference for my blog posts and also at work and I love it as much because of the free Thesaurus that came with it too.

• Ginger

I used it occassionaly to check grammar and sentences. I like it when it gives me an alternative wording and phrasing to use for easy read post.

For blog photography, I love using my Canon 500d. When I am off from work during the weekends, I try to take loads and loads of pictures for my later use. But when I am on the go, carrying a heavy duty and bulky camera isn’t really practical. Besides, the camera on iPhone captures a nice picture too with a bit of help from other photo editing apps.

Lifestyle – 12 Iphone Apps I Use For Blogging

When I take photos using my phone I use the following apps to enhance mainly the lighting and background color to be bright:

• Facetune

I use most of the time the whitening featuring to erase yellow or dark shadows due to natural lighting effect.

• Colorstory

I use this to boost background color even more. I love using essential, blush, organic and airy filters.


I play around with filters for my instagram account. I am still playing around with it and at the moment this is what I go for. I got this reference on Pinterest: vsco pink filter

• Resize

I use this app to resize my pictures accordingly as this one does the mighty job just fine when you are on-the-go.

• LiveCollage

I like using its stitch board feature when I want to make a picture collage.

• Wordswag

I use it to write words on the pictures if I need too. They have very nice fonts to choose from and it is super easy to use.

• Dropbox

I use the free account to store all my pictures for later posting. I create different folders for each post for easy photo reference before uploading. This is a SEO friendly app and when you use iphone in renaming the pictures.

There are plenty of available free and paid apps to download on the iphone. The choices are endless. These 12 apps have been my food and soul for the longest time now when I do blogging on the go.

There you are! These are the 12 Iphone apps I use for blogging. Which one is yours?

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