Lifestyle – 10 Life Lessons About Forgiveness You Need To Know

Forgiveness 10 Life Lessons That You Need To Know


Forgiveness (n) is a disposition or willingness to forgive.

Most of the people who truly know me would likely describe me as a tough cookie to break. I am not sure about that. I probably wore a strong facade ever since and maybe that’s how people perceived about me. First off, I am not perfect. In fact, I am 1% perfect and 99% imperfect. And my imperfections includes my inability to forgive right away.

Often times, when I get hurt by somebody or get frustrated about something, I find it really hard to forget about it and move on. Others may call it holding a grudge. But I don’t see it that way. I want closure, and if I don’t get it I can’t let it go.

Lifestyle – 10 Life Lessons About Forgiveness You Need To Know

I appreciate if a friend who has hurt me or done something to frustrate me would come and talk to me about it. I want them to explain their side so I can understand the situation better, instead of going blank on me for days and then when I see them next, it’s like nothing happened.

I believe that a friend will truly care about what you are going to feel. And if it doesn’t matter to them, then they are no different to a stranger and all. I am grateful for having friends who value our friendships. And as I am your friend, I will do the same for you because I care.

For more than thirty years of my life, here are 10 lessons about forgiveness that I have learned and advice I’ve heard from wise people I met in the past:

1. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting.

2. You cannot force yourself to forgive people just for the sake of it.

3. Forgiving people means you have acknowledged their feelings towards you.

4. Forgiveness doesn’t always mean you want the person back in your life.

5. Forgiveness means giving yourself the freedom.

6. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that your opinion of something is senseless.

7. You forgive the person/people because you love and want them in your life.

8. Forgiveness is a very expensive gift.

9. Forgiveness begets forgiveness.

10. Forgiving people doesn’t mean you are weak but only means you are mature.

Lifestyle – 10 Life Lessons About Forgiveness You Need To Know

We all have different ways on how we ask for forgiveness and how we forgive them. There are people who are more open-minded about the idea of doing it but for some, it is a hard thing to do.

How did I forgive when it was hard? I pray and let the course of nature take its place. Like they will always say, time heals all wounds. By teaching myself to let go of whatever is hurting me and be done with it works best for me.

They say, “It takes two to tango” but I believe I can also dance alone if another person is not yet ready to dance with me. The most important thing here is me (you). When I (you) let go of the things that I (you) cannot control, I (you) let go of the power it holds on me (you). In my book, “nothing lasts forever”.  Resolving the issues between two people may not happen right away, but it can’t last forever.

How about you, how do you forgive when it is hard to do?

What advice would you give yourself now about forgiveness?


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